Friday 29 January 2016

Planning the garden

The weather is really bad at the moment, lots of rain and wind.  Makes you cold pretty quick, so I am in doors doing chores and in between I am watching this guy!  OMG he makes laugh but also, he makes me want to grow as many veggies as I can.

I bet you all have some good ideas about how to do a container garden?  Care to share ideas with me?

Enjoy.  pahoehoe!  pahoehoe! *giggle*

Be kind



Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

If only we lived in Hawaii, eh.
We also get plenty of water here, but not enough sun.
It must be fantastic to be able to grow such an abundance of crops all year round.

Sol said...

Hey Patricia, I presume its pretty pricey to live in Hawaii, but for sure your view from your kitchen windows is worth a million pounds. I am trying to plan the garden for this year in containers.