Tuesday 19 January 2016

Going to have...

I was reading someone elses blog today, sorry I closed the tab before I could reference to them. If it was you, please leave a comment I will link back to you.  I did leave you a comment...  Hopefully you will follow it back here.

Found it!  It is on the {blog Hill Billy Hobos}

Anyways they linked to this you tube channel.

I am off to the supermarket, and am going to get some lovely big potatoes.   To have Claras twice baked potatoes...  Although I will use olive oil instead of butter.

Has anyone noticed the people who live into their 90's, they eat very little meat.  If you care to google the people who live the longest, eat diets of mostly vegetables, not a lot of dairy.  Eat more potatoes and olive oil I say.  Yum

edit: added this as Clara says exactly what I thought...

Have a great day everyone.

Be kind

Sol x


Raybeard said...

Although I'm biased, Sol, being veggie myself, I've not only noticed that non- or little-meat eaters appear to live longer, but that they also tend to be thinner - witness, in particular, Buddhist monks. (The image of a laughing, pot-bellied, Buddha we all know was created, of course, to suggest an outward manifestation of inner satisfaction, peace and harmony). After all, how many fat or simply over-weight vegetarians are there around? Not that many, I would suggest. I don't know why the observation isn't made more regularly. Anyway, despite all that I'm not assuming my chances are better than anyone else's. Too risky.

kymber said...

i love Clara and both my parents and jam's parents were raised just after the depression so some of the stuff that they learned growing up rubbed off on me and jam. however, we are meat eaters. big meat eaters. we have meat 4-5 times a week and seafood/fish 4-5 times a week. i don't believe in any specific diet but i have studied a lot of them over the years and have made up our own diet. i even gave it a name - it's called the Framboise Manor diet which is based on the blood type diet, ayervedic diet, fermentation diet, etc.

if you care to read about it, i'll link it here for you:


i hope you enjoy reading our thoughts on the types of food that we consume and why.

sending much love! your friend,

kymber said...

hey Sol - i am actually thinking of re-posting that blog post and editing it to add that we are now dairy-free - except for butter. it has been over a month since we got off commercially-produced dairy and we have never felt better.

just wanted to add that. xo

Anonymous said...

What an interesting person Clara is, thank you for posting those vignettes Sol.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I will find some links about it. but it is about people like the 7th day adventists and places in Italy, Greece and japan. all have a diet of mostly veggies and seafood. You have also hit the nail on the head with the Monk thing. it is about meditation or prayer, it is about time spent quiet.

Hey Kymber, for sure repost. I feel a lot of people eat quite fancy a lot of the time. back to basics. too much over processed foods. all needs to go in to the bin or even better dont buy at all.

Hey Toffeeapple. I like people like Clara, common sense no nonsense. Cooking from the heart and good for the pocket. cant ask for more can you.

hope you are all well

hobo said...

I'm enjoying your blog, Sol. And thank you for the credit.

Sol said...

Hey Hobo, thanks for dropping by. I found you in the end. I shut the tab the first time and had forgotten to copy and paste the link. duh!!! I hope you like it. I am a little erratic posting. had a few family things going on. nothing like funerals and going to church 4 times a day for 3 days sold. it really takes it out of you.

I kind of blog about what ever comes into my mind. I dont have a theme like all cooking. My cooking is mostly veggies so most people already cook that!!!

Have a great day.

Sol x