Wednesday 6 January 2016

Just a saying..

I cant wait for blue skies.  Its very cold here today, apparently Google says it is 4 oC.  Ive been outside trying to fix the compost bin and the leaf mould bins, where the winds have broken them.  My hands are cold and my nails and finger tips are purple.   I thought it was about 2 oC, or at least it feels that way outside.  I've come inside as the light has completely gone.

I found {this website} this morning.  I think these are my two favourite sayings from this page

The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives. - Sioux

When you die, you will be spoken of as those in the sky, like the stars. - Yurok

I have 3 funerals next week, back to back.  Terribly sad, all lost to cancer, they each valiantly held on over Christmas and passed at the start of the new year.  My thoughts are with my Cousins and their children and my extended family.  The wheel of life keeps turning, but for a long time, there will be huge holes where their light would have been shining.

As my Mum would say, "enough now, love one another".

Be kind my lovelies, be kind.

Sol xxx


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I'm so very sorry for your losses, Sol. I lost several friends to cancer this last year. It's just so devastating, isn't it? May you find comfort and peace during these difficult times. God bless. xo

~ Wendy

kymber said...

Sol - our community members have been dropping like flies over the last few months - all cancer! it's really hard since we live in such a small community, so i understand completely.

sending much love to you and yours. your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Wendy and Kymber, thanks for your comments, my cousins must be going through hell right now and each of them has a young family. I guess we are getting to the age where are parents are no longer invincible. Cancer is such an evil thing, it robs you of a dignified end. I would like to go in my sleep, nice and quiet.

Beaming love back. Sol xx

PioneerPreppy said...

ouch. That's a hard New Year welcome to say the least.

Raybeard said...

You'll be glad when next week is over, then. One funeral is bad enough, but three in a row must be really testing.
Speaking of next week, seems that you might be getting your longed-for blue skies - along with more typical Winter temps, and night frosts. Well, it would have been too much to hope that we were going to sail on into Spring without a cold blip. Still, as long as it's not a long one.

Sol said...

PP, I cant imagine how hard this is for my Cousins. It just shows that we have little time and should be nice to each other all the time. Restore bad relationships and try to get along.

Hi ya Ray, it has hit my parents badly, they are older than all of the people that have passed away. They were also larger than life characters of our family, quick to tell you when you were wrong, show you another way and the first with the hugs and kisses. All real family people. One of them with very strong faith, that one will be the worst as I expect huge amounts of people to come to as he was very well liked in the community.

As for the weather, we are being blown about again today and last night, lots of rain. I have daffodils up in the garden, did I mention that? bobbing about in the wind. If we are in for a freeze then I need to bring wood down from the store, closer to the house. With my little childrens plastic sledge! lol the neighbour asked what I was doing (nosy one), head peeking over the fence, I must have been huffing and puffing with my crutches trying to drag it down the garden. it isnt that far but hard work with a crutch and the other hand dragging it. I now have an old lady walking stick. not very glamourous, but the physio said I have to keep going. the exercises slay me. One I have to stand with my back to the wall and then slide down into a sitting position to help the knee. I am not sure if it is screaming or if it is me! lol got to do it. I am determined to do Race for Life again this year. If I have to swing my leg on crutches I am going to, whilst dressed as a pink fairy. the tutu skirt makes me go faster I am convinced! lol

Have a great day every one .

Raybeard said...

And please, oh PLEASE, post here a pic of you in your 'Race for Life' gear - maybe when you've crossed the line and you're all out of puff. No, actually at any point would be fine. It would make the day for a lot of us, I know.

Sol said...

its got to be done. lol I am hoping to find some pink and purple stripey socks. I also have glitter trainers! honest. I am convinced they make me go faster as well! lol