Monday 18 January 2016


I've talked about my Barnheart before.  I'm not really into the the raising of lots of animals.  At a push if we had the space I would have some chickens and some pigs (to turn the dirt and to sell as a cash crop).  I would do it all for growing veggies and willow.

This house is slowly creeping along and what with all the family here over the past few days for all of the funerals, we have come to recognise that a house bursting at it seams, even at a really sad time is better than an overly quiet house.  Like it is today.  The only noise is the occassional tractor rumbling down the lane and the wood burning stove making its metallic pinging noises from the heat.

My Barnheart, dreams of a home in Devon.  Not too big, not too small.  Maybe with a really large dining room, as I love to cook and feed everyone.  

Everyone is gone now, and I miss the tugs on my legs to help someone or other to the loo, with tricky zippers or buttons for 2 and 3 year olds.  Proclaimations of 4 year olds going on 40, that they are big girls and dont need me to stand outside the door incase they fall in.  (this happened twice, no Kim Kardashian behinds in my family to keep you from falling into the loo).  I miss the little girl hair brushing and special plaits that only Aunty Sol can do.  I miss looking at bird books with little boys and seeing what is at the bird feeders.  To whose go on minecraft it is. I miss, people all helping with the kitchen jobs and the dish washer stacking... I miss the talking in the night, candles and fire burning.  I miss looking around and seeing My people. Yep all gone, for now.

It all steels you.  We have to work harder now to get the house finished in double time, hopefully sell it and find a small house with some land.  I can cope with a small house in a good location and some land.  It will give us the option of adding a larger room later for family shin digs.  I am all for family shin digs.  (Although I hope the youngest girls grow out of the Frozen stage real quick.  Twirling and sassy ass swaying moves, with the screams of the chorus "let it go" have pushed everyone to the edge.)

So I will leave you with Jenna in the above you tube post.  I have been reading about Cold Antler Farm for years, I have all of her books.  I think homesteading is in all of us.

I'm gonna sign off for now and wander all of your lovely blogs.

Be kind

Sol x


northsider said...

I always enjoy reading your blog Sol. I am sure you will soon have your cottage in the country with some land.

Sol said...

Hi ya Dave, I dont want anything huge. a small bungalow, so we can stay long term and some land. We eat a huge amount of veg, so it makes sense to grow it doesnt it. Years ago I would have thought more about going to France to live. I think Devon will be it for us. I have lots of family and like me went to London and then have drifted back to Devon to raise families. I will be raising veggies! lol

Hope you are well and not too cold.

Kev Alviti said...

All I ever wanted was a bit of land much like you Sol. I think I had barnheart since I was young to be honest and it's been all I've ever wanted. I also think I fit most of those top ten in her video, although for me food comes out on top! I looked at moving abroad when I was younger but could never leave my family.
Hope the funerals went alright, never a happy thing to go to but nice that you had family around you.

PioneerPreppy said...

The best part about a small house and land you can always add a storage shed for more space!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sol, lovely post. Dreams you know can become a reality look at me. I never thought it would happen but being in the right place at the right time and asking if we could rent our new home after it had stood empty for 3 years and doing all the work for a slightly cheaper rent has lead us to living our dream in the country with that bit of land and I cant wait to start growing my vegetables this year with a whole year to do it unlike last year when I only had a half year. Have you thought about getting an allotment in the mean time? I did that last year and It was great some allotments allow you to have chickens to. Best wishes, dee x

Sol said...

Hey Kev, years ago we would have gone to France no problem. But the last couple of months and cancer snapping at a lot of my family, we need to all pull together and help each other out. Even if I am presently 3.5 hours drive away from them. I dont really need a house of this size. Yes its nice for now. But smaller is easier to take care of and heat! A small bungalow with some land again not too much will suit us. As we will still have full time jobs. Willow to burn and a large veg area. That is what we have said will be ideal, to take us into retirement.

Hey PP, you know exactly that some sheds or a workshop can be added. The location and the land cant be changed easily.

Hey Dee, we previously had an allotment. There arent any around here, we could ask a farmer but I dont plan on being here too long. Who knows once it is finished we may love it. We move a lot... lol this is our 14th house... yeah we are bonkers. There is a plan. honest, it doesnt seem like it. But we move to a grotty house, do it up and sell it. And move where ever Posh Boys contract is next. I think there maybe 2 more moves before we finally settle. I have thought that we would buy a terrible bungalow and sit on it and get another house, have a year of complete pain, I will have to go back to London to work and get people in to do up the house and do only the worst work needed on the bungalow. it is all pie in the sky. We have to raise the roof on this house, so that is first. then we need to landscape and sort the drive. enlarge the garage to put a home office in where the green house is. Walls all the way around and electric gates. I am looking forward to the electric gates can you tell? lol we are bonkers.