Friday 8 January 2016

New to Me

Rick Yancey

I was kindly given {The 5th Wave} for Christmas, I am hoping it is going to be a good read.    It is also going to be a film apparently.  Could it be up my street?  Dystopian young adult fiction?  Lets hope so.

I also watched the new TV series {Jericho} last night.  {Hans Matheson} 'pwhoar', he played the bad man in Tess of the D'Ubervilles.

Did you see it?  What did you think?  I think I rather liked it.

What are you reading?


Raybeard said...

New names and titles to me, Sol. Any worthwhile comments may be forthcoming, but can't guarantee that.

Currently reading a book that's "oh, so yesterday", but I picked it up at a second- hand book stall last Summer and never got round to it till now. First published in 2006, it's James Lovelock's 'The Revenge of Gaia' which, I expect, several millions will have already read. I don't often read non-fiction complete books, but this one is scarier than many a made-up story of fear and suspense. The evidence around is now more compelling than ever before, and will surely get even moreso.

Elaine said...

We've got it recorded, I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend...and yes, he is definitely a bit of eye-candy! I got books for Christmas and I've also found lots of great books in the charity shops so I am spoilt for choice. But right now I am enjoying "Murder at the Old Vicarage" by Jill McGown, though i should probably have read it in early December! I am also reading The Hunger Games. I absolutely loved, loved, loved the films. Now I need to see how the books and the films differ.

I am forever grateful to my mother for showing me the wonderful, magical world of books!

Sol said...

Ray I havent read that one. Maybe I will borrow it from the library.

Hey Fliss, I think it is going to be a good programme. Hunger Games is one of my favourite books. I am really in to dystopian literature. I think it is a sign of the times that younger people are actually worried about how life will be in the future. I hope you really like it. The book I have mentioned in the post is kind of the same, life after alien invasion from what I can get from it. I am hoping that I can find or make a book club in the village to get me out of the rut of reading the same genre all the time, but I love it so much I cant help myself.

I think being able to read is the most important skill a parent can give their child. if you can read you can cook to some success, do low level fist aid from a book, anything really. it is a gift. Losing my eyesight would be awful.

northsider said...

Nice tv escapism Sol. Thought it missed a few Irish and Welsh accents for true navvy railway construction authenticity. Hope it's not your typical rags to riches story. The lead lady is nice but looks too young for a mother character. Ignore me if you enjoy watching it.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I have a feeling the man they keep calling the Prince is rich else why do they keep doing all the flashes to the posh people. The lead lady was in Call the midwife, if she was 17 when she married she would be 31ish which isnt too far fetched. Life expectancy being below 60. Remembering the age of consent was then 12 for a girl and 14 for a boy. She was married to a cleric if I remember and is a widow.

Kev Alviti said...

Reading "The shepards Life" a beautifully written book at is making me both laugh and cry at break times, good job I'm having bait in my van!

Sol said...

hey Kev! would it be a good book for me?