Thursday 7 January 2016

All that Glitters

I bought these trainers when in Vienna and straight away I knew when I could wear them.  Progress is slow at the moment, but I am determined to be ready for Race for Life.

They will probably hurt my feet as I normally exercise or bike in my Nikes, other than Heinz baked beans this is probably the only brand I am faithful to.  You can see I have worn them already but I am not ready for the roads in them yet.

(Sorry it is very hard to photograph glitter.)

If I get a smile and a wave on the day from some people it will be worth the blisters.  Fairy shoes, for sure.  I reckon they will make me go faster!  lol  if only to get it all over with.


Unknown said...

Hi Sol, thank you for lovely comment about my cottage that's exactly what I thought the minute I saw it :-) Love the trainers hope its not to long until you can start using them. Very sorry to hear of you loss over Christmas. Best wishes, dee

Sol said...

Hi Dee, Your house is cute I cant wait to see what you do with it. we also have a fixer upper. THanks for your comment

kymber said...


they are super-wicked-awesome and i love anything that sparkles! when we first moved to the island, some people thought i was a little off the wall with the stuff i wore when we went out - but that was how i dressed back in the city and it was considered pretty normal. anyway, the people here got over it and now people tell me about how they saw a sparkly shirt or purse and instantly thought of me - bahahah!

i hate to say this but i think you will lose the race....because people on the sidelines are going to keep stopping you asking you where you got them. they'll probably want to take pics with you and your shoes. you'll lose the race but become an instagram hit - bahahahah!

sending much love! your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Kymber, Race for Life it to raise money for Cancer Research. I will speak to the Physio at my next appointment. Regardless I am at least doing 5k even if I have to walk it. I am coming up to the age where my sister first had cancer. Need to keep raising money. people run in fancy dress, all in pink.

The shoes came from a shop called Humanic in Vienna. they will probably really hurt! lol I also have silver shoes from a company called Victoria

these are the gold version people always ask me where they came from.

I just like things that sparkle, like a magpie.

Tom Stephenson said...

I LOVE glitter. I love your trainers.

Sol said...

Hi ya Tom. Everyone seems to like them till they see how much they shed the glitter all over. I am going to wear them with my pink tutu (borrowed from a niece) hopefully I will raise a nice chunk of money. I need to find some new striped socks, I am thinking pink and purple.

Hope you are well.

Raybeard said...

And just think - you can go straight to the post-race ball afterwards without even changing shoes!

Elaine said...

Wonderful! - pink tutu, striped socks and glittery trainers. (wot, no wings?) If you do shed glitter everywhere at least you will be able to find your way home. Best of luck with the run.

Sol said...

Hay Ray, I thought you would like them. A bit of fun but I hope they cheer people up. Lol no post ball. Just lots of people really happy.

Hi ya Fliss, I am unsure if they allow wings. they might cover up my number and there is a place below to write a name. If I remember rightly, it says something like "I am running for..." and then you write the name of the person. At the moment I am afraid I wont have enough room for everyone that I would like to run for. Which is really sad. One day, I hope there is a mass run where everyone who can, gets out there and on the bottom of our numbers it says, Cancer Cured. Wouldnt that be something. They wouldnt be able to stop me from wearing winds.