Wednesday 27 January 2016

Look At This Stuff

"Look at this stuff, isnt it neat, wouldnt you think my collections complete..."

How is it I remember these song lyrics, but I cant remember what shop I saw cushions in at the weekend, that I have now decided really are ok...

Well the below you tube, really tugs at my heart.  Many years ago, I used to dance around, run tippy toes all over the living room, twirling and singing my heart out with my Nieces.  Some one was upset, having a tantrum, something was 'UNFAIR!', someone was hurt. Little pudgy hands opening and closing, held up in the air, "up, up", their raspy little voices would say, their faces blotchy, tear stained, maybe even snot streaming.  Words that didnt quite make sense, as they tried to babble what they wanted or needed but didnt quite know the words to express.  I'd scoop them up, wipe their eyes, spin them around across to the TV, in would go the Little Mermaid video and all was well with the world.  Oh how I wish life worked like that now for them, for us all. 

Ah Disney, this was one of your greats.  I know every word, I know when she twirls swimming upwards, arms down and then thrown out wide.  Her hair swishing, her prefect fringe.  Ariel was the red head baby whisperer of impressive power.  

Isnt this little girl just the cutest thing ever?


Be kind 

Sol x

p.s. even now when I see the film, I still boo Ursula the sea witch, she expects it of me. ;)


Raybeard said...

I'm afraid, Sol, that the words 'little girl' (or 'boy') and 'cute' sit together very uncomfortably with me. Luckily, with my computer having gone dumb I can't hear what said little girl is singing/(saying?.) Oh, what a shame! (Heh heh!)- AND no I don't particularly want to watch her mouthing words, heard OR silent. Aren't I the curmudgeonly one? :-)

Sol said...

Ha ha Ray, its cute. its the song from the little mermaid. it is pure nostalgia for me.

Raybeard said...

If you say so, Sol. Never seen the film, but if was familiar with the song I've not the slightest doubt I should have melted like butter under a tropical sun.