Monday 25 January 2016


Moon Phase from here

Bought some oca and some jerusalem artichokes at the market in Stroud on Saturday from the organic stall.  I know people usually buy from seed companies, but I saw them and they came home.  I am intrigued by the oca, I have been seeing them and reading about them on other blogs. 

I am giving them a very small whirl, space is an issue, due to pending building works.

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Waning moon. in the dirt they go.

Grow plenty my pretties.  Grow plenty.

Be kind 


Dani said...

Never eaten / grown either of them either ;)

Sol said...

Hey Dani, I have seen them on Kev's blog and Sue at our new life in the country

Jerusalem artichokes are high in dietry fibre and iron. When you dont eat a lot of meat (read once in a blue moon) they can help. I think they give you something like 40% of your daily iron requirement from 100g. They make nice chips

I am waiting to see what happens with the oca. Kev said they taste like potatoes with a wiff of apple. They dont have any problems with blight like potatoes and grow leaves that look like clover to me. Will see what happens.

I hope they are a success

northsider said...

Jerusalem artichokes are related to the Sunflower and make a good wind break for tender crops in the veg plot Sol.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, we have always grown the j' artichoke I forgot to dig them up from their pit in the garden at the old house. they have to suffice with a pot at the moment as we have building work to start and then the gardens to hard landscape before I have perm beds for these things

hope you are well

Elaine said...

I really must get some new specs, they looked like fat pink grubs to me. I must also do some reading, find out about oca.

Sol said...

hey Fliss, I suppose they do look like some type of grub or worm dont they. They are over £6 for 5 tubers. I got both the oca and the j' artichoke for just under £3 in Stroud. I normally get my tumeric like that to grow on in hot bed baskets (the only way I have ever been able to grow them.)

Sol said...

here is the link to kevs post

and to Sue

Kev Alviti said...

Hey sol, good luck with them, but don;t plant them just yet! They don;t like frost. What was the link you left on my blog it doesn't show up. I wish you would have said you wanted some oca I would have sent you some!

Sol said...

ha ha, they are already in the dirt, did them this am. They are in the green house. Sink or swim in my garden! lol if there is room I may move them to the garage.

Sol said...

Oh and Kev I got them cheaper than the postage it would have taken you to send them. no problemo. Thanks for the offer though.