Monday 18 May 2015

Village Life Part 1

I went to the village plant sale the other week, the money raised is going to the school and the school garden.  Whilst there I meet some more people from the village.  They are a mixed bag, but mostly they are retired professionals.  Doctors, Solicitors, Professors, mostly over 75.  There are a few people around our age, who were moaned about as "they go to work, drive into their garage and we never see them".  I dont think it occurs to them that their job could be demanding and they dont want drama, or extra work.

I meet the local vicar.  All very The Vicar of Dibley, dropping huge hints about us going to church.  I smiled where needed.  And another lady said about joining some local womens groups, because they needed some young blood and they are hoping for someone new to breathe fresh life around it all.  

The thing is, I want to just blend in to the back ground of the village.  I dont want to be that involved.  That sounds bad.  I know that.  We just want a quiet life where we buy some plants and speak to one or two of the locals and I hope to find someone my age that maybe would like to start a book club.

Maybe this is why I got the reaction I did at the post box, maybe she is just an old bat.  Who knows.  Its all about balance.  This is all a lot of maybes.

Thanks for all your comments lately.  They are a real tonic.

To show you what I like in gardens, here are a few pictures from our old house (3 houses ago).  It makes me smile and makes me feel happy.  I like a Greek - South of France feel.  Grape vines, pergolas etc.  In the front garden, I am hoping to have lots of terracotta pots and glazed blue ones.  To go with my new blue front door.  I want to come into the drive, and it make me feel happy.  I go to my friends house and her garden always makes me smile.  I want that here.  My own slice of holiday, everyday.  Not just for 2 weeks a year.

Look at all of those lovely leaves to make dolmades with.  Yum

And sweet grapes to eat, by just reaching your hand up when eating dinner out side.  What could be better...

Dappled shade in the summer, light filled in the winter when the leaves have dropped.  Perfection.  And all natural.

Anyone else have grand garden designs in their head?


Raybeard said...

I've just had to look up to find what 'dolmades' are. Now I understand.

Photos are very attractively leafy but if you really were to eat outside and, in interludes, pluck down some sweet grapes, wouldn't swarms of pesky flies and bees be an ever-present nuisance? That's something I always notice in practice at outdoor restaurants - especially at night where the lights are an added attraction to them

Sol said...

Hey Ray, yes stuffed vine leaves. The Mr likes them just with rice, herbs and a spot of cheese in the middle. You would normally make them with minced meats, beef or lamb.

We never had problems with flies before or wasps. Birds, yes. Stealing the grapes. I think maybe were their trees at the restaurants? Plus you can plant certain perenial plants and have some of those candles if it becomes a problem. We must have been lucky before as we never suffered from it...

Hope you are well.

Mac n' Janet said...

We've lived in our house 12 years, I know 2 of my neighbor's names and have been in the house of 1 other, her son use to catsit out cat before he grew up and we to University.
I'm of the opinion that good fences make good neighbors.

Sol said...

Hey there Mac n Janet, busy bodies, I dont like. Friendly people are ok. Maybe I lived in the London too long... No that cant be right as I really liked 2 of my neighbours in my last road. We swapped excess veg and minded each others houses when we went on holiday, exchanged Christmas cards etc

Ive just put into my planters 19 pelargoniums (geraniums). They are going to make me smile. they will live next to the house and the fence. I love them, they are so jolly like sunflowers and rhododendrons. I even like the word rhododendron... it seems so exotic.

Yes, fences make good neighbours that is for sure! lol We are thinking of changing our wooden fences (that are old and battered by the wind to stone! lol bet the neighbours will love that!)

northsider said...

I think it's good when people stop and talk Sol. Here in the countryside in Ireland, everybody waves in their cars but not many have time to stop and talk. I enjoyed bus journey tale yesterday.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I am not sure I will go on that bus again! mortified.

Yes they do seem to stop and chat. women on horses stop right in the middle of the road passing each other and talk. the Farmers wave to everyone as they thunder up and down the road.

I met a delightful lady. Very to the Manor Born if you get my drift. Her family owned all the land here where the houses are built. There isnt a gate house to the manor. she lives in a bungalow. she knew all the gossip, she asked for my arm back to the car. She got into her Range Rover and her parting words were, "give those old b@st@rds hell". and she cackled like a maniac. I like people like that. she is 91 lol

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of my holiday in Cyprus, I ate on the terrace under a ceiling of vines, it was lovely.

Anonymous said...

I know a great many of my neighbours, even the transistory renters. All it takes is a query - "are you my new neighbour?"

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple, that is exactly the feel I want in my garden. A Greek, Italian, South of France vibe. not so many flowers, but vines and vegetables, mixed together and a large table on a large terrace. Room for the BBQ. sun in the evening. Yes a place to relax.

Loved this comment of yours, it was exactly what I want to do here.