Friday 1 May 2015

As requested

6 Different types of tiles
Fake sheets of marble plastic board on the left behind the door  
The electric shower doesnt work as the switch/pull cord is above the shower so has blown up because it got wet.
Painted mirror.  
Carpet steps.
Single pane window that has a breeze around the edges.
Oil boil blown up, so no hot water.
And everything stinks of cigarettes.
1st World Problems

Did I miss anything? 

Oh yes, the smoked mirrors above the sink.

The toilet flushes, so its not all bad.


Dani said...

Hmmmm - can see the "cosmetic" problems you mention. But, half the fun of moving is making your new home really "yours". Yeah, it may take time (and some filthy lucre) but in the end you'll have a comfy home again - with all your taste and decor. Reclamation yards will be your best friends? :)

Can wait to see how you take out the grot and add the comfy - if you're willing to share the journey ?

Above all - have fun.

Sol said...

The no hot water is what is the real problem. its like old fashioned tin baths. Boil the water on the stove (only one ring works), or in the kettle, add to the tub.

it will all be worth it in the end.

I just need an oil heating fitter to not make that sucking in noise. And each one saying "its going to cost you love". I know that. lol state the obvious! lol Just get your quote in. That is all I ask

kymber said...

oh bahahahahahahah! oh i'm sorry but bahahahahahah! THAT is one ugly bathroom and you have your work cut out for you! but to be honest - ours was pretty crappy when we moved here - as was the rest of the place - it's going to take time (and of course money!) but you'll learn to prioritize what really needs done and what you can live with for a couple of years! our first winter here we boiled snow to fill a bin that we put in our bathtub. we laugh at it now but man did it suck! good luck with finding an oil heating fitter - they might be making the sucking noise to cover up their absolute horror of seeing the carpeted steps!!!

one last time - congratulations on getting your new place!

your friend,
(oh bahahahahahaha! that bathroom rocks!)

rusty duck said...

You enjoy renovating.. Yes?
Good luck!

Harry Flashman said...

I think that looks really ritzy and uptown. Looks like an Italian design.

Raybeard said...

Won't that mirror always keep getting steamed over? (In cases like for me that would be a blessing!)

Sol said...

Hey Kymber! LOL Everyone who has seen it to quote to make over the bathroom has said "I didnt think their were any bathrooms left like this..."

Fingers crossed we get some oil heating soon.

Hi ya Jessica. Well we better start to love it hadnt we! The garden. OMG I dont know what anything is so in my head it is a weed.

Harry! Hey there! Hope you are well. I think in the 70's this house would have been the best in the street. But as the tiles have been broken and things have stopped working they have tiled over tiles and then bodged a fix. Oh and some one has punched a hole in the door. "heres Johnny"...

Once we get hot water we will be a lot better off.

Sol said...

Hi ya Ray. Great to hear from you. We cant work out how the mirror is attached to the wall.

it will all be done. it could take years

northsider said...

Hi Sol. Look forward to reading about your house and garden renovating a house is a nightmare isn't it?s. Moving is also very stressful. You probably need an holiday?

Sol said...

Hi Dave. No holidays anywhere but family for a few years. The spreadsheet says we cant afford it! lol We are extremely fortunate to have family in Cornwall and in Scotland. I love both and they are always begging us to go and stay (I think we break the work slog up for them... or else we are just really funny to them:( )

Hows the weather there? Really cold here and really dark grey clouds.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Oh very Brown - not good. Hope you get your hot water fixed soon

Anonymous said...

Check out

You get the quote before they arrive and should, therefore, not hear the sucking noise.

Good luck!

Molly Printemps said...

Good to have you back Sol. You have your work cut out for you but it will all be worth it in the end when you have your own perfect house.


Sol said...

Hi Sue, yes it is very dark.

Hey Toffeeapple, thanks for that website I will have a look.

Hey Carol, how are you? I am sure it will all be ok in the end

Anonymous said...

At least it is beige-ish.
Have fun!

Sol said...

Hi Susie, yeah it is beige-ish. I have just noticed in this picture there are actually tap tops (turning part) and the toilet roll holder in it. When we moved in they had been removed. we are turning the water on with a wrench.

Caroline said...

Reminds me a bit of our bathroom, but we've got the blue version rather than brown! You might want to shut your loo seat, feng shui reckons leaving it open makes all your money disappear down the drain! Can we see some more pics of the house, please? Always love a nosey at people's houses. HOpe you get your hot water sorted soon :)

Sol said...

Hey Caroline this picture was before we moved in. The Feng Shui will be well off here. We have a small damp area in our money area. The cladding is coming off outside our relationship area and the bedroom is in the loft and has the beams exposed and they have lovingly painted them black, like a pub. nice.

Front door is already on order. Blue. its a start. We will sort the rug once I have worked out the colours. and we have to make do with plants in certain areas. and I am on the look out for a picture of woods with a stream in it. not somber. but have some brightness to it. not sure if I believe it all but once it is done people see subtle nods to it all. the people who bought our last house. the woman got it straight away. and knew what things were.

Kev Alviti said...

I like the carpeted steps. I'm cringing for you as your foot touches it!

Sol said...

Hey Kev, we are showering at the pool! lol. standing on that carpet without shoes would be like chewing velvet for me. ew