Sunday 17 May 2015

The Day I Took the Bus

sheldon cooper  - PUT ON YOUR BUS PANTS TODAY germs are everywhere
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As I am newish to this area, I thought I would take the bus to Cirencester, for fear I would not find a parking spot.  The journey took about 35-40 minutes.  The bus was not as clean as I am used to and did not have free wifi.

Anyways I was enjoying the view, yellow rapseed fields, horses with their heads over gates, lots of little houses that looked like scenes from Larkrise to Candleford.

Two men got on in builders work wear and sat behind me, laughing at pictures on their mobiles.

I felt a tug on my hair when I turned the page on my kindle.  I ignored it.  I turned the next page.  There was the tug again.

I turned and glared at the men, gave them my 'evil eye' look and turned back to my book.  They were both plugged into their phones, probably listening to music and reading face book or something.

The bus carried on, twisting and turning, bumping over the pot holes and onwards to Cirencester.

More people got on to the bus, I moved over and an old man sat down next to me. 

The bus carried on.  I turn the page on my book.  THERE WAS THE TUG AGAIN.

I threw my head around and glared at them and said in a really loud voice, "quit touching my hair!".  Both men looked at each other and then at me.  One held his hands palms out to me, "I didnt touch you!".  Ok, I thought they wont do it again now, turned back to my book.  

About 5 minutes later the bus arrived in Cirencester.  I got off the bus and headed to Blackjack Street.  I met my Friend who is now on maternity leave and her Mother was giving her some 'Me Time'.  I told her about the bus.  "God", she said.  "It makes it so you dont want to use public transport".  

We went to go into a shop to look at some pictures after a cup of tea.  I lifted my arm to push the door open.  I felt a tug on my hair.  I looked at my Friend and rolled my eye.  

"What?" she said.  

"My hair, I know I am vain about it, dont pull it", I said with a sigh, rubbing my scalp where it now hurt.

"I didnt touch it, honest", she replied.

Inside the shop I pulled my bag in front of me, so as to not touch anything valuable.  My hair tugged again, holding fast it really smarted.  I pulled my bag strap over my head, my Friend looked at me like I had bees attacking me.  "My hair is trapped", I whined.

And with that she went around the back of me, "raise your arms above your head!", she demanded.  I was now red in the face as the man behind the counter had been ignoring us, but was obviously thinking we were complete lunatics.

And in one swift move she freed my hair.  It was caught in the arm pit breathing vents of my sailing jacket.

It is now clear that I need to cut my hair, it is nearly to my waist when blow dried straight.

To the men on the bus, I apologise, for shouting at you. I am sorry, I am an idiot.


Mac n' Janet said...

Oh my, public transport, you may have been wrong about your hair, but not about riding the bus.

Harry Flashman said...

Don't cut your long hair, Sol. Nothing is more fetching for a lady than long hair. As for the mix up, who hasn't had something like that happen to them at one time or another?

Anonymous said...


Kev Alviti said...

Ha ha! Plonker!

Sol said...

Hey Mac n Janet. I use public transport quite a lot where I lived before. These buses are quite old. There is not very much parking available and I was worried I would have to turn back. My hair, seriously I need to get a grip. But my Mum goes on and on about being safe when out and about on my own. "Sit at the front, ladies dont go to the back of the bus. Sit near the driver, sit near another lady..."

Hi ya Harry, how are you doing? I am hoping my Niece will cut my hair when I see her. about 6 inches will bring it closer to my shoulders. Dont worry I wont cut it short. The Mr would leave me. lol

Susie, I felt so stupid in the shop. I was horrified. I was the crazy lady on the bus.

Kev, lol geez. He could have really shouted or anything at me on the bus. All because of my hair.

Caroline said...

Love the story about your hair, but am laughing even more at there being 'no wifi on the bus'!! First world problems, eh ;)

Obviously 'up country' you have posher buses than down here in the sticks as, although I cannot claim to have been on a bus for a good few years, I've just checked with the teenager, who is a regular bus passenger, and he confirms he's never come across a bus with wifi. I feel irrationally slightly displeased that our buses don't have wifi now!

Sol said...

Hey Caroline, I think wifi is a tempting item to get people to use the bus to work. Most are actually working on the bus via mobile tethered to their work email. Like this area, maybe they dont have enough people on the buses.

Also I can bet down there, your Son will say that most of the people on the bus are teenagers or OAP's. I dont think the government pays the bus companies very much for their free bus passes. I dont know I am just guessing.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, at least you found out what was causing it.

Sol said...

Toffeeapple, I feel a complete idiot the more I think about it.