Thursday 28 May 2015

Stig of the Dump

Did you ever read the book, Stig of the dump, as a kid?  I loved that he used all bottles for the windows.  Womble-ing at its finest.

My house is a bit of a dump at the moment.  Brick dust all over, cables hanging out of walls.  This is what it looked like this AM before today's assault.

Enjoy.... lol Get a cuppa this one is a big post for me... lol

Our hall at present.  All the paneling will come off. I am sure in a cabin, like the one we stayed in, in Canada, it is fabulous and helps with insulation.  But here it is just hiding all of the bodged jobs in the house.  

Window and doorway through to the porch, they will be glazed at some point.  The long upright boxes on the right are the blinds for the dining room window.

This will be the dining room.  Look at the state of that carpet.  60's?  What do you think?  Threadbare.  Sticky where it has worn down to the backing.  This was under 4 other layers of carpet.  Why didnt we take it up like the others?  Well it wont actually lift up.  We needs scrappers to remove it.  5 Layers of carpet in one room?  WHAT?  

Electrics are more important right now, than the look of that floor.

Dining room ceiling.  The new cable is in the middle of the room.  And look at the size of that light bulb!!!  (sorry I dont seem to be able to rotate any pictures at the moment).

This will be the downstairs guest bedroom and will be the first room finished.  Carpet really 'Hums', as Jamie Oliver would say, but not in a good way.  Oh for the love of smell 'o' vision.  Oh and they must have lost their temper and punched the door.  Nice hole forming there, in the 70's door.  Its getting some lovely new plug sockets and ceiling light fitting, as I type.

See below.

The previous owners obviously didnt remove their shoes in the house or just threw things on the floor.  Yes, that really is 2 lumps of chewing gum.

And this?  Well I take it they had a dog or a cat who had intestinal problems.  They have tried to get it out.  They failed.

This is the view from that rooms door.  The leylandii are being cut down.  They are breaking the fence and the people next door cant be getting any light into their pool area.  Tomorrow they will be no more.  The tree surgeon is in contact with the council about the walnut tree, so that will live for another month...

And back to the hall carpet that sucks the light out of it.  It makes the space of the hall look really small.  When in fact it is the original bungalows lounge.

There we go.  That is where the renovations are for the moment.

Off to London to learn my new job next week.  Nothing very exciting.  But this house is going to be a bottomless pit into which we throw money for a while.  I have therefore had to go back to project managing to earn some pennies.  

What are you up to?  Are you DIY'ed out after the Bank Holiday weekends in May? 


kymber said...

Sol - you are dealing with quite the mess - bahahahhaah! i don't know if you ever saw this post of the state of our place when we first bought it - but this post of The Manor is pretty funny if you're feeling down and blue about renovations:

yes, your place is a money pit but i can see some great potential there - it's going to take a lot of work - we still haven't finished our place after 4 yrs - but each little fix/job will make you happy. and remember - you have that gorgeous porch that i envy. my porch is wrapped in plastic - bahahahahah!

keep the pics coming - i love them! your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Kymber, I am sure it will all be ok. It is just so messy and I cant find anything! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have popcorn ceilings too! Mine seem to be more popcorny. I would rip out that carpet on day one. I did, here.

Sol said...

Hey Susie, we are leaving some of the carpets down to protect the floor boards from plaster so when the oak flooring goes over the top then it isnt going to need too much cleaning or prep time.

Anonymous said...

I don't envy you that job at all!

The door into the downstairs guest room, isn't it hung on the wrong wall?

Sol said...

Hi ya Toffeeapple, yes the door opens into the hall not the room and it is just all wrong.