Monday 11 May 2015

Porch pics

Sugar soaping the walls.

The walls look blue here but it is actually more green.  This time I will call it NHS green.  We have repainted in Dulux light and space, the colour is desert wind.  Which to me is light cream.

Hello out there...  Please ignore the stuff on the window sill.

Yum, look at how yellow the ceiling is where the people who lived here before were chain smokers.  Yuck.  So much sugar soaping needed.

Towards the front door.  Hate that door. It is disgusting.  Weirdly the varnish is kind of bubbly/blistered.  Whats with that?  Please ignore the broom, the duster and the cobweb tickle stick.

Blind in to stop anyone from seeing us coming down the stairs at night.  And the start of the Pax, Ikea wardrobe system being put together.

Towards the horrid door.  New mat, please forgive the curtains.  They are there to soften everything at the moment.  (how is it that the lining is lower than the curtain?  I dont understand that.)

I have tried and failed to get this picture to rotate.  You will now have to rotate your laptop, head, or if with a tablet you will have to put it on the floor and then move around until it is the right way up.  Sorry.

The light fitting needs changing.  We need a rug, I havent decided its colour yet and will need new curtains.

So there you go.  I have one room that is tidy.  Rest your eyes on the tidy.  I may sleep in here, its a lot more restful than the rest of the overly patterned and coloured areas.  Not to forget the wood paneling in the hall that makes it really dark.  The electrician has helped a little with that by ripping some of it off already to put in an earth wire.

And calm.   Ohmmmmmmmmm


Dani said...

Looking good. Know exactly what you mean about tidy... but I'm married to RMan.

Sol said...

Hey Dani it is a start. I need things in their place as it drives me mad.

Have just found out the back garden is a real sun trap so whilst the UK has a little bit of good weather I am out side right now, with the umbrella up on the table and am studying out side. Getting some vitamin D today. Awful this morning lots of drizzle.

Will be over to your blog tonight see what you are up to! got the solar man coming at the end of this month. he is a really good friends brother. as we seem to have had some quite shady people come to quote and no one gives you a break down properly. I then cant exactly compare the quotes. some light on it all is needed. Get it "light". lol I crack myself up.

northsider said...

Looks like you are going to be very busy Sol. How old is the house? Will it look like a new house with laminate flooring. Every make over program-me on the television seems obsessed with laminate flooring.

Sol said...

Hey Dave. The house was bulit in the 1960's and then a crappy loft conversion in the 1970's and a porch adding. It was a 2 bed bungalow. it was sold to use as a very sketchy 4 bed.

the floor in the porch is cheap parquet from the 1970's I guess. I will be refinishing it, if I cant get the marks out them I have seem some really nice tiles.

Kitchen and bathrooms will be tiled on the floor. The bedrooms upstairs will have carpet as will the stairs and the hall, office/guest room/utility will have oak floor. The lounge will also we oak and I have a huge rug to go down that my parents have kindly said we can have. Sorry no laminate. You cant refinish it if you scratch the floor. wood flooring or carpet, in all living areas.

Chickpea said...

wow, what a difference, well done. :)

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea. Thanks. it is far from finished but it is now clean and I dont think the walls are going to make my clothes dirty.

kymber said...

Sol - first off - the porch looks awesome! and that is what we call that kind of room here - a porch. americans and fancy canadians call it a mudroom. but all of the houses in my community has one and no one enters the house proper until removing their coats and shoes in the porch! and secondly - check out this link:

that is where we got both of our hottubs from (one back in the city that we gave to our stepdad, and the one we have now.) i couldn't recommend a better product for vitality, health and well-being. maybe you could put one in the porch? bahahahahah! much love. want more pics!

your friend,

Sol said...

Hey there Kymber. Thanks it is coming along. Not everywhere is going to look like an ikea catalogue but we needed to have that area tidy. Else things will drift to areas of the house that they do not belong. And it is hard to keep everything clean and tidy when it is in the wrong place.

The porch is 9x11 feet. I measured it today. And then was told by a friend that is the size of her lounge in her new build town house... wow

Caroline said...

To answer your curtain question, the curtain fabric shrinks more than the lining when they're washed. I know this, because it's happened to me. Guess you could fix it if you're handy with a needle (I'm not).

Anonymous said...

You confused me when you said that you come downstairs! But I understand now that you mention the loft conversion.

The brief view of your garden looks promising and your areas of calm will soon spread throughout the house.

9 x 11 for a porch is amazing, you can do such a lot with that.

Sol said...

Hey Caroline... So that is what has happened to the curtains. They are only there for now as it is all rather hard edged in there. New curtains will be added when I decide what colour everything else will be in the hall... it will then all flow. I hope that makes sense.

Hi Toffeeapple, yeah we have bedrooms in the roof. They are horrid as well! lol

I dont know what to do with the hall. it is the old lounge so it is quite big also. At the moment it has our dismantled dining room table in it, waiting for the repair man to take it away after the removal men damaged it and our leather sofas...

Anonymous said...

Are you going to sue the removal company?

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple they have to repair them if they can as they quoted for EXPORT packing on the table and sofas and they seem to have just thrown them into the van and dragged them out. I actually think the table is a wreck. But we will see. Its going to be some very expensive fire word if it cant be fixed.