Tuesday 19 May 2015

Proud of Myself Moment

MALM Chest of 4 drawers IKEA Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop. If you want to organise inside you can complement with SKUBB box, set of 6.
Drawers from Ikea

Two Sundays ago, the Mr put together not only the Pax system for the porch but he also put together this Malm chest of drawers. 

The Pax system went together so quickly and easily, that he decided to carry on.  High of the flat pack euphoria.  This quickly became Flat Pack Rage (I am sure this is a real thing).

Whilst it was blowing a gale yesterday, and the builders went home (they are fixing the garage and giving it a much needed roof that isnt falling down).  I charged the electric screw driver and put all the drawers together myself.  I stopped at the carcass/surround as it started to get overly complicated and if I did it incorrectly and broke it, that would have been curtains for it, (the Mr completed the last bit when he got home).

I need as much storage as I can get.  There is nothing here in the house, the last 3 houses have had built in wardrobes.  Even the kitchen is falling apart and no amount of youtube watching can make up for water damaged kitchen units.  Not one screw can hold into disintegrating chip board.

I know a lot of people will sneer at Ikea cupboards.  But I am loving them.  Each time something is put together it is another little area of my head that isnt getting crazed by clothes etc being all over the house.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Ahhh  that's better!


Unknown said...

Well done Sol! Flat pack euphoria and rage both exist in our household, the latter usually a result of not reading the instructions, lol.

Attila said...

Just getting stuff sorted is a huge leap of progress when you move. With us, when we moved a while ago, it was my beloved getting the coatracks up on the wall, and the hooks on backs of doors; finally we weren't tripping over coats and dressing gowns!

Sol said...

Hey there Louise. I wont say I was quick doing the drawers but I did have to lay everything out and I checked there was a screw and a socket thingy that looks like a back bone disk from salmon. So at least I knew in advance I had those extra bits...

Sol said...

Hey Attila, the pax cupboard you can see in my porch post has made such a difference. as the porch is tidy and when getting out of the door for meetings or to work is so much easier as you can just put you hand in the cupboard there is your coat, your bag and your shoes. Pure bliss.

I can imagine that a coat rack would also be high on the list to get things off of the floor.

got to keep plodding on with the boxes.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Well, from where I am sitting, I see 4 IKEA cabinets that have made it through two moves. I like IKEA.

northsider said...

Hi Sol. Why don't you do a Kirsty Alsop and buy old furniture and paint it cottage white? We have been through the wars with flat pack furniture. Remember the MFi wobble?

Sol said...

Susie, we have a book case and a cupboard that have moved at least 4 times with us taking them apart!

The pax system was so clever. And so many variations. Ikea have some smart designers.

Hey Dave, I tried to find 2 matching 2nd hand sets of drawers. The closest I got was a 4 drawer and a 6 drawer in the same design and they wanted £75. They were pine with pine drawers not board. The paint would have been on top. We just saw the drawers in Ikea when we went to get the pax system for the porch and to get the kitchen designer to come to the house. It wasnt planned to get them. Super convenient.

I remember when I was a kid my Dad taking me to MFI. And when I was there another family came in and one of the teenagers leaned on a desk and it collapsed side ways. completely broken.

I love a good bit of Womble-ing, it just didnt come together this time.