Sunday 10 May 2015


Well remember that post, where the boys came around and talked us into staying in the old house?  

And now we are in a hovel soon to be lovely bungalow....

You are probably all thinking what?  WHAT?  Well I was thinking that anyways.

Then whilst every one else is moving to a smaller house, getting rid of their mortgage etc and we wanted a house with land...  How the heck did we end up in a really large ugly bungalow, in a village, with no land and it being pretty much a shed...?   Well.. It all happened quicker than I thought it would.

Our old house went on the market again on the Saturday at 3pm, using a different estate agents.  The new estate agents worked their telephoning socks off and called everyone they had on their books looking for a house.  On the following Monday at 11am, the house was sold subject to contract, (this just proves that a new school with an Outstanding Ofsted report can shift your house quick).  The people buying wanted us to move out within 8 weeks.  That kind of accounts for some of this crazy move.

We knew we wanted to not live in a location like the last house and I wanted to stay somewhere a little longer than we normally do.  Maybe even into retirement, (I am chuckling to myself even typing that).  With that in mind it had to be big enough on the ground floor to have a bedroom.  A bungalow obviously fits that bill.  It also had to be in an area where it doesnt flood.  This village is on a hill.

The state of the house is in some ways a bonus to me, although I am bemoaning it now, better to know it all needs replacing than to move in and find everything bodged and you have paid top money.  The rougher it is the more I get to make it mine.  Nothing worse than moving into a house and the previous owners added a new kitchen to sell and it is their taste and you hate it.  But because it is new you cant get rid of it as it is wasted budget.

I have moved so often, that in most of the houses I have learnt more about the way we live, each time we relocated.  

We can cope with a really small bedroom and bathroom, but a galley or a small kitchen, (especially the last house's kitchen) will drive me slowly nuts.  We also dont need a huge dining room, but a larger square lounge and a porch really work for us.  I controversially dont allow shoes in my house.  I know a lot of people think this is really rude of me, but I think it is rude that people would tread dirt into my home and god only knows what you have stood on, or in, with out even noticing.  Makes me retch thinking about it.  So a porch where coats and shoes live, is high on my priorities list.

We have therefore upsized the house to get the features we want.  We have maximised, whilst others are minimising their square metres.  We obviously arent ones to go what everyone else is doing.  (This doesnt mean we will be filling the house with stuff.  We need storage, but very little else.)

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would score a house with a porch so large.  I love this house just for the porch so far, (it is the only room, that doesnt have carpet that stinks like an old cigarette reeking nightclub, doesnt leak or have plaster falling off).

This is for {Dave}... Although I dont have a pavement out side my house, there is one on the other side of the road.  We have some street lights.  I can ride my bike if I want to the next village that has a villagers run shop.  If I am really brave I could go to the larger village that has a Co-op! (circle K for any one in the States). 

I went to Ikea Yesterday.  LOL  Badminton Horse Trials are on.  It could have all gone really wrong, but we got there are 9.30 they open officially at 10am, but they let you in earlier...? We were off to a flying start as there were only about 10 cars already there.  We think we have found the kitchen we want.  A designer is coming to measure and help us make the most of the space.  I really love the whole house in the films Somethings Gotta Give.  Especially the kitchen.  I am hoping to replicate it.

We also bought a huge wardrobe for the porch for all our coats.  Along with a new door mat and a replacement tray for tea (our one was broken in the move), these were not on the list to purchase.  *Impulse buy*.  Altogether in and out of Ikea in less that 1.5 hours.  All being delivered today.

I have ordered a blue door, it is more navy than the blue I wanted.  But it will do.  I have also noticed that even the lamp posts in the village are National Trust green... eek.

The Ikea delivery is here, so I best go.  How is that for service!  Excellent.

P.s. the tray we bought is National Trust green...  LOL


northsider said...

Thanks for the blog mention Sol. How far is it to the nearest pub? Any allotments near by or public transport? You will appreciate those street lights from August onwards when you want to go fora walk at night. Please post some pics of your new dwelling!

Sol said...

Hey Dave. There is a pub but it isnt in the village, there is no pavement to it, I am scared to go in. Have you ever seen the film Hot Fuzz... SWAN! I can imagine it is like that here.

No allotments here sadly. There is a bus that goes right through the village every hour. Except at the weekend. I dont know when the times are for then. We also have a post box.

More pics as we go. The porch cupboards are being assembled as I type, (i was sent away as I have to check the instructions a lot and then compare the pictures to make sure everything is in the right place). In other words I was slowing everything down.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sol. I don't allow outdoor shoes in my house either!

Sol said...

Hi Toffeeapple. I am glad you also dont allow shoes in the house. I had a really heated debate with an older lady I used to work with. Then Kim and Aggie started on the TV doing swabs of peoples houses and they found dog mess in what looked like a really clean house. The culprit was peoples shoes.

Cupboard is nearly up. I now wish we had bought 2 chests of drawers we saw. we have no fitted cupboards or drawers here. it is making life quite hard.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

kymber said...

Sol - i'm with dave - pics please! i love seeing ics of other people's actual renovations (vs. tv shows or magazines) because that's where you can get real ideas. here on the island almost every house has a porch (outside the house) or entryway (inside the house) and no one would ever think to walk into someone's house without taking off their shoes. i can't wait to see the new kitchen!

your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Kymber, I think what we call a porch is what other countries call a boot room.

Pics tomorrow.

Raybeard said...

Who said "Life is dull!" Not you, evidently. I'm surprised you have any time left for shut-eye.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I like being busy. What I like more than anything is that it is all becoming tidy. it is making me a little nuts.

Kev Alviti said...

I'm hoping not to move again if I can help it as I hate the upheaval and I've only lived in three houses! I was brought up to take my shoes off when i go into someone's house (living on a farm it was pretty essential) and I expect people to do the same here! I'm looking forward to what you're going to do with the place!

Sol said...

Hey Kev, I hope not to move again but I wont rule it out.

I will post as things change.