Sunday 1 February 2015

Hello? Hello? Echo, echo...

User Error.
I do not know what I have done to my blog.  With the help of my Friend talking to me over the phone I have now un-ticked a box that I ticked by accident.  She thinks that I was impatient with blogger and that I kept clicking when I was ‘Buffer’ing as my internet connection has been slow.
I also now have the problem that I cant type directly into the compose section in my blog, I have taken to writing this in Word with the hope that I will be able to copy and paste the whole lot.

What have I been up to?  The highlight was taking some tablets for pain and them containing  Ibuprofen lysine, not only were these tablets out of date this brand is no longer sold in the UK.  

Had to go to the Dr with the side effects, dizzy, being sick and a lovely rash that itched like crazy.  That knocked me out for 4 days.

Back to the blog.  I seem to have lost posts again.  Not sure what to do about those. 
Any one on word press?  Is it easier to use than blogger?  I need it idiot proof it would seem.

New year, new house search begins.  I am fed up with it to be honest.  We are trying a different tack this time.  It feels like gybing to be truthful,( off but you dont know why).  Against everything we said before.  We have put this house on the market.  We never intended to do this we wanted to keep it and rent it out.  

It scared me that we put it on the market last Saturday afternoon and we had offers by Monday lunch time.  It has taken us so long to look for where we want to go that it never occurred to me that people would be so quick to offer.

Yesterday we looked at 2 houses.  I expected the first to be terrible but it wasn’t that bad and we could cope with all the decoration that is needed.  (it is in a time warp of the 60’s/70’s with a huge cheese plant growing up the wall and over the ceiling…).

The second one.  Wowzers.  Beautiful views, shame you would have to actually live in the house.  I always remove my shoes in peoples houses.  I just do.  They asked us to take our shoes off.  I really didnt want to.  OMG  it was dirtier on the inside than on the muddy track to the house.  Seeing as there wasn’t a stove or a fire anywhere I couldn’t understand where all the bits of wood shrapnel (cant think of the name for the big splinter bits), splinters and bark.  Let alone the smell and the teenager zombies, that looked right through you, were as pale as you can get stinking in their bed room.  And that was just the girl.  She actually featured in my dream last night, so she must have been playing on my mind.  A bit like the girl from the film The Ring.  OMG she scared me.  

Shortest house viewing ever, due to the Estate Agent tripping on the 1 foot square carpet off cuts being used on the stairs and landing.  She landed heavily on one knee and had to leave.  God moves in mysterious ways as I had also trodden on a slug in the hall in my socks.  I should be thankful it wasn’t cat poop.  As you have probably guessed I was retching by this point and needed to get out.  I had to take my socks off, when we pulled into a layby. It was hovering around 1 oC, not really no socks weather.

I have been reading everyones blogs, when I can I apologise for not commenting.  

I will try and return to more normal posting schedules.  It maybe 3 posts a week, for awhile.  I will try my best.

By the way, petrol is now 103.9p and diesel is 114.9p in our local place.  On the outskirts of Carteton it was 102.9p and 112.p.  Hovis white medium slice was I think 80p in tes cos.  (I am not sure if that is expensive as I bake my own.).

That’s it for now, hope you are all well.


Unknown said...

Hello... I found your blog via Joy and thought I would pop on to say hi. I have just returned to blogging after a couple of years rest due to family stuff so if you wish I could add your link to my site and also to facebook and see if we can lift your profile. I remember what it was like when you saw your first follower and how it was 'fist in the air' time. I will be trying to higher my profile so maybe you could be my first 'guest' hope to read more of your life. Take care Beverley

rusty duck said...

I went to some truly awful places in my house hunting years, the tenanted ones always seemed to be the worst. We are supposed to look through all that and imagine it when it's cleared, but it's hard to do sometimes.

Sol said...

Hi Beverley, welcome to my little blog and back to blogging.

Hey Jessica, I can see through stuff but I couldnt get my mind off of what was stuck to my foot!

Anonymous said...

This didn't show up in my reader, I dont think. Wordpress is harder.

That house thing happened to me I took off my shoes, and the place was so disgusting, that I threw out my socks.

Glad to see you blogging.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back dear thing!

I don't envy you that house visit, I wonder why they needed you to take your shoes off? Seems very odd. Good luck in your quest.

I don't know if changing blogs is easy or better but it might be worth a try, don't you think? Good luck with that too.

Sol said...

Susie, I can cope with most smells on farms. but this house was funky.

Hey Toffeeapple, if I change the blog to wordpress I will email you.

nick said...

So you're house hunting again? That second house sounds like the potential purchase from hell. I feel a little nauseous just from your description!

For weeks your link was telling me your blog was for invited readers only and I wasn't invited! I hope I'm still welcome....

Kev Alviti said...

As I said glad you're back. Do you live near carteton then (Oxfordshire) as that's where my wife is from?
Treading on a slug indoors can't be good! I think I would have made a sharp exit as well!

Sol said...

Hey Nick yep back to house hunting. Houses have gone up so much in money that we will have to sell this house and we wanted it as an investment.

Sorry about the blog. all are welcome I ticked a box and then I couldnt even get in lol

Hey Kev, we want to move to oxfordshire. As we have to keep crossing over county borders we go to Carteton, we have friends there in Alvescotte.

Seriously I wouldnt have kept animals in that house.

Kev Alviti said...

My mothering law works in Alvescotte and she has lots of family around that way. Let me know when you do move and I'll have to pop and see you!

Sol said...

Hey Kev, if we can find something and afford it, you will have to come to tea.

Molly Printemps said...

Oh Sol, that house sounds just awful. I would have taken it as a sign that it just wasn't for me. Amazing how people don't even tidy and clean up for viewers. Good luck with your search. Oxfordshire is beautiful.


Sol said...

Hey Carol, thanks I hope I find something soon.

Dani said...

Sol - After my posting ( I read this:

Seems that is exactly what happened with Mum's blog - and now yours. Using MS Word to compose your blog post resulted in your post showing up on my smartphone blogroll, but not on the laptop...

Sol said...

Hey Dani, I dont know what is happening with it all. it is all crazy.

Nora said...

You are the tonic I needed!

You make me laugh!

Not about the pills....but the house visit..oh my! YUK!

The compose thing.....I did that, mine was resolved when I realised that on the 'post' page I have the option of Compose or HTML and I had clicked the one I didn't need....but that's on blogger so son't know what your set up is!

Glad you are back with us....Happy New Year by the way :D

Nora xxx

Sol said...

Hey Nora. Yeah, the tablets were a worry. but I have been through all of our first aid and thrown anything away that is out of date.

The houses. OMG you would not believe how people leave their houses when you view them to buy. If they think their house is presentable to sell, God only knows what it was like before they tidied up.

Happy new year to you as well. Hope you and your family are all well