Wednesday 7 January 2015

Food Diary

bottom left Thai red curry, top, Thai green curry, bottom left massaman curry.

After being ill in the early part of 2014, I struggled quite hard to eat well.  A friend of mine gave me lots of pointers and one of the main things was that I just dont sleep enough.  I have mentioned this in previous posts.  

I sleep about 1 hour more a night now.  Which is great.  Other than before Christmas when I had a migraine and slept a marathon of 14 hours, like the dead I was apparently.

What changes have I made, well I take 3 supplements now.  Folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin D.  That was the beginning.  I also stopped buying bread from the supermarket and I now bake 3 small loaves a week at the weekend and freeze 2, for use through the week.  This has made a huge difference to pains in my stomach and feeling sluggish.  The Doctor said about this to me.  As people arent generally allergic to gluten in bread.  He said only about 3% of the population have problems with wheat and gluten.  It turns out it is the amount of yeast in the bread.  I was told and then read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true ha ha), that there is 40% more yeast in supermarket bread.  My clothes fit better, no strange little pot belly that appears from no where, strange gurgling noises or pain.  Tick that one is sorted.

I have also started to eat jelly.  Hear me out here.  I havent got some weird diet going on where I eat nursery food.  Gelatin has a lot of amino acids that I just dont seem to be getting into my diet.  This wont help vegetarians as you need the animal gelatin for it to work, but for better sleep and strangely my nails and hair are so much better.  My nails actually peeled, gross.  yuk.  I was really embarrassed about it.

Less processed foods.  The packet and jarred product I use is packet peppercorn sauce that people use for steak, but I actually use it on mushrooms and pataks curry sauce jars.  I cant make indian curry it always comes out gritty.  I have also taken to cooking lots of Thai food.  As you can see in the picture above.  I make these from scratch in the mixer and then pound the heck out of it all.

There are more changes to be made, I am making them in my food diary, which by the way is an excellent way to keep a tight lead on your weight, (if anyone is interested, my Sister swears the best way to stay slim and she is very slim, it to not wear any clothing with stretch in it.  Tailored skirts, trousers and blouses, as soon as they arent fitting right it is time to cut back and move more....).  And introducing new foods monitoring them for 3 months and then seeing if they make any difference. 

So that is my update.  If you would like the recipes for the curries above I can scan them in and email of pop them on here.

Are you making any changes to your diet this year?


northsider said...

Hi Sol. We have started taking B12 tablets (over the counter)and we have lots more energy. Most people are deficient in B12 and they don't know it!

Molly Printemps said...

HI Sol. I remember eating lots of jelly years ago and my nails were fantastic. I even told a girl I knew who bit her nails to the quick and within a couple of months, her nails were long and strong again. Might just go out and buy some today! Thanks for the reminder. I am not a big curry person but your photo looks so colourful and lovely. Too much yeast can also cause candida which can cause havoc with the digestion, so you are right to avoid supermarket bread. Hope you are sleeping better now.


Anonymous said...

I like curries, especially panang curry. Yours look good.

I also take vitamins. Supposedly I'm deficient and vitamin D, B 12, and one other that I forgot.

Sol said...

Hey Dave

I eat a lot of marmite for the B12. If I dont have it on toast in the morning I will have it like a cup of bovril. Hot water and a table spoon or two of marmite. yum Folic acid itsnt just for ladies,

Hey Carol, apparently lots of people have gut problems from eating bread and pizza. I have given up bread before, but not because I thought bread was evil but I was trying to lose weight and it was more the toppings that were the problem, butter, jam etc

Susie, I havent conquered the panang curry yet. it is in my book and I did learn to cook it in Thailand or maybe it was Cambodia.

its hard to get vitamin D when it is raining all the time. and vitamin B12 has stopped me from getting so many mouth ulcers

Kev Alviti said...

SOL! I managed to get back on your blog! Does this mean you're back? We've all missed you where have you been?

Sol said...

Hey Kev I have had problems with Blogger and then I wasnt very well. Thanks for checking on me.