Monday 16 February 2015

Cotswolds Sunday

Edited: Corrections made about the church.

 I met my friend in Cirencester on Sunday.  Gosh that is a pretty town.  All the lovely buttery coloured stone the buildings are made of, *le sigh*

It was free parking on Sundays to start with! Woot Woot!  loved that.

It still looks like {this picture} apart from the Morris Minors, being replaced with Bentleys and lots of 4x4.  My little car must have felt dwarfed and the poor cousin of all the Range Rovers that were parked there.

Strangely, they have only cleaned part of the Church (that I thought was a Cathedral, please see the comments from Sarah, about Cirencester and the Romans), it makes it looks like the front isnt attached to the rest of the building...  Maybe they havent finished yet.

They still have market days there, Monday, Friday and every other Saturday there is a Farmers Market.  I like that, I think that is really nice and gives it a sense of community.

Ready for the stereotyping now....?  It would appear to me that the further east you go in Gloucestershire, the more people (ladies) wander around in jodhpurs, riding boots, have tweed jackets and drive Range Rovers.  There I have said it.  I am not even sure they have been near a horse.  They sure dont smell like it and the boots are all immaculate.  I can tell you now my wellies are dirty even when I have hosed them off.  I am sure that isnt all the women who lived there, but it sure felt like it.

Why no pictures?  lol  I forgot to take any I was having such a good time with my friend even to remember.  And so what if most of the shops were closed... it being Sunday.  

A really enjoyable day.

P.S. I am reading The Night Circus again by {Erin Morgenstern}, fabulous, I can hardly put it down.


Raybeard said...

Never heard of Erin Morningstar (to my shame, perhaps?) but seems to be one to look out for.
And here's me still ploughing, inch by inch, through the Complete Sherlock Holmes. (No, not only that. Other books are purposely interrupting the cycle, currently Ronald Blythe's 'Akenfield').

Sol said...

Hey Ray, it is a fantasy fiction of sorts. I did start reading Frankenstein but I found it hard work so started the Night Circus. another one that I liked and will read again is the Snow Child.

I have a list I want to read through and then add in some more classics. Have you read my Antonia? I really enjoyed that. the words painted a picture of the pioneer prairies of America to me. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

There is a fancy new equestrian center really close to my old neighborhood (same town) I always wondered if I would smell it if the breeze was blowing my way...

Sol said...

Hey Susie, I am sure on a hot day you would have caught a wiff of it all.

Sarah Head said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day in Cirencester. I've only visited twice and really want to spend time in the museum looking at Roman remains collected in our villages. I hadn't realised the parish church was quite so large but it definitely isn't a cathedral. The nearest one of those is in the city of Gloucester. Cirencester has only ever been a town and could never support a bishop and all his entourage. It was the administration centre of the North Cotswolds in Roman times as Corinium while Gloucester was just a fort renowned for settling army veterens locally but it's been downgraded ever since.

Sol said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks for visiting my blog. I must have misread the literature out side of the church. I will edit it so it is correct. Thanks again for that.

I didnt manage to get to the museum, but I was told that they have previously opened for free on the Heritage Open Days. The next ones are in September 2015. Heres the link

It really is pretty isnt it and it seems to have held on to lots of its charm. I liked it very much.

Nora said...

Love the Cotswolds, charming and so pretty, went there for my honeymoon....Burford to be exact.

Maybe the smell that evaded you was more like excrement from bull!! If you get my drift ;)

Glad you had a good time with your friend.

Sol said...

Hey Nora, I am hoping to go to Burford at Easter. I have driven through but never stopped before, we have family from Canada coming so they want to see all the quaint parts around here. And I will also have to see about getting tickets for Highclere as they are Downton Abbey fans. Hope you are well!

Caroline said...

When I used to have to wait at the school gate for William when he was little, the number of mothers in expensive 'countryside attire' who I swear had never even been for a walk on Dartmoor did make me laugh, I must say. That's private education for you, I guess! (Can't comment about the Range Rovers, though, as I drive one, and don't own a horse LOL! Though I do live in Devon and the roads are bloody awful, so that's my excuse!)

Sol said...

Hey Caroline, I have a 14 year old Polo! lol The 4x4s dwarf my little car! I dont even think I can climb into a Range Rover I dont thing I am tall enough! lol