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Friday, 20 February 2015

Happiness is a State of Being

Just wanted to share {this} with you.  

The bit I am taking away from it is "Down size your stuff, and you will automatically super size your life".  Something to think about.

Off to the charity shop with a few bits.  See you next week.  Have a great weekend!


Chickpea said...

Good saying :)

Beverley Holland said...

Thank you for posting this.... it came at a very apt moment as I have been thinking of buying a car. I think I may just hang on to mine for a little while longer.

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea, it spoke to me. I am fed up of being fed up. if that makes sense.

Hey Beverley, my car is 14 years old! lol It works and it is enough for me. I dont need to pay out £300 a month to drive something that only everyone else sees from the outside and not me. So it isnt fast and the heater is a bit hit and miss (mostly too hot!), but it is paid for. I will start to save for a new one when I have a new job. But the eco and economical thing would be to keep this car for as long as possible. Think of all that plastic that is needed to make the new car. People can keep telling me their car is greener. It may use less petrol slightly. But nothing new has been made for me to continue with my little polo. I feel that I will treat it to a wash at the weekend along with my bicycle.

Raybeard said...

I dare not play the video clip because I know it'll be so true that I'll be feeling as guilty as sin. Maybe after a glass or so of vino I'll press the button.

Have a fabuloso w/e yourself, Sol.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, it wont make you feel bad. just make you think. its about living with in your means and not hoarding stuff, use the good stuff. no perfume for best. everyday is a best day. A debt free life style. Everyone is into Marie Kondo at the moment. what she says is no different to William Morris "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful".

Hope you are well Ray. Have a good weekend.

susie said...

I watched the TED talk, and threw out stuff.

Yay me.

Sol said...

Go Susie! Good for you. I can actually close my chest of drawers! hooray

northsider dave said...

I am going to try and de-clutter our smallholding Sol. It's hard to let go of some things. I think you can be too sentimental over things.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, everyone seems to be into this Marie Kondo (I thought her name was condom when I heard it on the radio). I dont mind keeping bits of wood or metal. But the inside of the house has to be right else I cant think. Books are a no brainer for me now I have a kindle. Unless I absolutely love the book and the cover of the book, I read it and then it goes to the charity shop. its just something to clean.

it gets to the point when you dont see the mess or stuff anymore as you are used to it. To help someone in my family, we took pictures of it all and then put them on the PC and said, this is what we see when we come into your house. she was horrified as she wanted to sell the house. its is amazing how much it quietens the mind when everything is tidy. it really is making space in your brain. Good luck