Wednesday 11 February 2015

Loving it


Lots of people have been posting about their bookshelves.  I am loving it.  The above is my comment on {Sue's Blog}.  She has a lot of books I would like to read.

When I have been to view houses, I notice the lack of books in a lot of them.  It makes me wonder about the people who live there.

Are they like us?  Did they pack all the books away?  There is no colour in here... It needs some book spines.  What genre do they like.  Do they have a kindle?


Kev Alviti said...

I do exactly the same and when I go and price jobs for people I can pretty much tell ic I'm going to get on with them if tbey have any books or not. Or which types. It's funny because neither of my parents are big reader (except my mum for gardening books) but I read all tbe time (and so does my brother, my sister will read a lot of reference). I can't imagine not having about three books on tbe go all thr time. Before we had children my wife and I used to take about twenty books on holiday with us each year!

Sol said...

Hey Kev, arent kindles wonders?! When we used to go away for 2 weeks I used to take 14 books. I now just take the kindle and can go with hand luggage.

Isnt it weird we judge people by the books they have. I would be super impressed if someone had War and Peace on the go.

Molly Printemps said...

Hi Sol. I am a big bookworm but I made a decision a few years back to pass books on and only keep my very very favourite ones so if you came to my house, you would think I didn't read much but I always have a book on the go and two or three waiting in the wings.


northsider said...

CD/record collections is another way of seeing how people's mind tick Sol.

kymber said...

Sol - when we first bought the Manor, we had met friends here and they took care of the place for a year before we moved here. when we moved here, those same friends helped us when the moving truck finally arrived. after moving in all of our furniture, my buddy JT came in with the first box of books. he said, in typical cape breton fashion, "what the h*ll is in this box? it feels like books!". i truly felt terrible telling him that there were 75 more of those boxes coming! and he groaned over every one of them!

most of our books are in the attic now. and that was after i got rid of over 200 books when we were packing - those all went to goodwill. but one of the main reasons that jam had to install a way to get to our attic properly is because of all of the boxes of books.

i have all of my encyclopaedia sets out on display but can't wait until we build our addition in order to display the rest of my books. i loooove books! bahahahahah!

your friend,

Sue in Suffolk said...

Ta for the mention. There are still an awful lot of books on my shelves for me to blog about.

Sol said...

Hey Carol, I normally read at least 3 books at once. one is normally a garden book from the library.

Hi ya Dave, hmm now you have me. My car only has 2 cassettes! lol Bros and country music. I wonder what they says about me.

You cant see my CD cases as I ditched them all and they are in special binders to save on space.

Kymber, I think I would be in love with your attic. I cant wait to move to a new house and have all my books about, around me and adding colour to my indoor landscape.

I gave lots of books to the charity shop and friends. we are now (that is the Royal We), are collecting reference books on home steading, gardening and maintenance on houses.

Hi Sue I love books. its no problem!

Anonymous said...

My bookshelves are slanted. Any day the cheap things are going to come crashing to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Apart from a three shelf bookcase in my bedroom, most of my books are in a huge cupboard in my living room, since I would have no wall space if they were on display. Also, I put my books on the shelf so that I can read the titles without having to crick my neck.

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple, we have really culled our books. I really think we will be like you and have a cupboard.