Saturday 14 February 2015


I was out and about, and one thing that always makes me want to put my hand in my pocket and spend like crazy is stationery.  I dont think I am the only one.  I was the kid with only 2 pencils in my case but 20 novelty rubbers as we called them.  Erasers, to everyone else.

I always get a lift in spirits when it is August and September as I can see all the new stock.  It's like in the film, You've Got Mail, you know the line he says


I saw the above spider card and took a sneaky snap of it in Paperchase.  

I used to line up all my new stationery, in the days before returning to school, after the summer holidays.  Hoping that my choice in new school bag wasnt so horrific compared to the 'cool kids'.  And that one time my Gran gave me a little extra money, so I could buy a tin box that contained a protractor, set square, ruler and compass.  I still have it somewhere. It has emblazoned all over it the name of my crush at the time from another class.  Strange thing life, I fancied him from afar and I saw him when I was out one night years ago and he told me that he had liked me all through school...

I have a special parker pen I like to write with and have now gone up in the world since my plastic pencil case to a small leather one.  I spotted a pencil case I really wanted in a shop called Osprey London.  It was £35!  wow.  Then when on holiday in France, Quimper to be exact, I found a stationery shop that was like going into a shop in Diagon Alley.  I could have stayed in there all day.  The French have such lovely stationery.  Whilst in there I found 2 small pencil cases.  They came to the grand price of 19euros.  Sold and in my possession, quick as a flash.  Love them.  Hopefully they will last the rest of my life, unlike the plastic ones I have bought previously.

Do you have a favourite pen? And Happy Valentines Day.


Chickpea said...

I am a fellow stationary addict, I loved the new school term, and University term (I never grew out of it ) when I could go out and indulge my obsession.

Molly Printemps said...

Hi Sol. I have always loved stationery as well and am always buying notebooks. I also always bought a new pencil case every new school year and was always the kid who had the most supplies. I used to get fed up with the non-organised people asking me if they could borrow pens and pencils because they never returned them. I also spent some time in France and loved their stationery - those little notebooks with the square paper!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Dr. Grip. I'm an idiot for buying a third, since the first two failed me.
It's soft and cushy.

I like to buy journals. I lot of them sit empty, but I still get more.

Sol said...

Chickpea, it is really hard to break the habit isnt it.

Carol! the square papered note books!!! I always thought that was the height of sophistication when i saw my French pen pals paper.

Susie, journals and note books all over here.

Lynne said...

I DO know what you mean. My favourite (almost ) shop is the stationers. I buy stuff in there even when I don't need it. I'm always buying pea,- my favourite for writing at the moment is a black liquid gel pen, not expensive, I buy them in 3's. And they disappear. Who knows where they go? An excuse to buy more!!

Anonymous said...

I picked up an Osprey London pencil case (in pink) at a car boot sale a year or so ago, for a pound. Much as I loved it, the possibility of selling it for a huge profit was too much of a lure, and someone paid £20 for it on eBay. Go figure, as they say across the pond.

Sol said...

Hey Lynne I do love a good pen.

Hello Caroline, that was a real find that pencil case and in pink. I think the pink and red ones I saw were nearly £40, where as the black one I spied was £35. You have a keen eye at the car boots. I dont have the patience and get flustered when asking the price

sewing green lady said...

My thing is notebooks. I had to stop myself from buying another one today while waiting for my son. It was only £2.50 but I thought 'stop!' you don't need it. I always like the newness of the blank pages. Paperchase is good, expensive though. xx

Sol said...

Hi Green Lady, isnt it strange so many of us love stationery. But last week I only committed pen to paper once, and that was because I was taking notes at college.


Sol said...

something strange happened and only posted part of that comment.


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