Thursday 19 February 2015

I'm Melting

This was scribed onto the back of a toilet door in Dartmouth in the summer.

My brain feels like it is melting at the moment.  Like the {advert for Vauxhall}, "Their over tired".  Where as it is I have too many stimuli and am not concentrating, its that bad I keep being frozen in fear or forgetting what I am doing.  We move out of this house in 6 weeks.  Yup, 6 weeks.  Still no house and all the rentals are not very good.

Saw {this link} on someone elses blog.   Sorry I cant remember who and it would seem I am suffering from this also.  As I am not working in an office people seem to think they can bombard me with request, "I am so busy at work, could you X,Y,Z for me...".  My brain is falling out of my ear.

I'm going to unplug at the weekend.  Maybe I will find a house as I wont be distacted by the email, then the text, then the calling to see what I am so busy with, as I am not at work in the week.  I seriously think I am working harder now than ever...  

Something to think about.  I cant wait to go back to work.  How is your week going?


Kev Alviti said...

We've finally found a house for my brother and it was when we slowed down our search for it. Something will come along Sol, I'm sure of it.

Sol said...

Hey Kev that is great news for your Brother. Something will work itself out I am sure. I am scared of compromising too much... Hope your having a good week!

Anonymous said...

I'm NOT melting. It's -13C.

Good last minute luck!

Sol said...

Hey Susie. My brain has melted. lol