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Monday, 21 July 2014

Veggie pie

Made this today.  It tastes really nice.  I had a can of chestnuts still from a Christmas hamper that was given to us.

It tastes good, but I think it needed a little kick of something.  One of the ladies at work said maybe cheese in the pastry?  I wouldn't know what that would taste like so I cant comment.

We ate it with half a carrier bag full of runner beans.  Wow when they get going, they really get going!

do you still have any Christmas left overs?  lol


Harry Flashman said...

I never had any veggie pie. It sounds good though. I like British and Scottish food, for the most part.

Sol said...

hi ya Harry. How is your garden coming along?

susie said...

I had more guacamole today. It was fresh...made by someone. I had salad too. It was a good veggie day...for a change.

nick said...

That looks delicious. And all vegetarian, which would be perfect for us! We certainly don't have any Xmas leftovers, we gobbled everything up at Christmas in a very greedy fashion!

Raybeard said...

Heaven on a Plate - provided the garlic is omitted (Sorry, can't stand the stuff!)

Harry Flashman said...

Really badly. We had a massive rain that washed all my potting soil out of the three sided planting boxes I made on the side of the meadow. What was left soaked up water like a sponge and I think it rotted or is rotting the seeds. The chickens went up there and grubbed around in the mess, making it worse. My wife is visiting the kids right now and I have to do all this gardening stuff myself! >:-(