Thursday 10 July 2014

The High Road

"I'll take the high roooooad, and you take the low road...".  On the A82.  You don't get this view on the M5 or M4.  Wow.
More snow in the distance, in the beginning of July...
to give you an idea of scale, in the bottom left are coaches, cars and vans.
I felt like I could touch the clouds.  I can just imagine a Buddhist retreat being put here some where.  Your nearly touching the heavens.
A small water fall on the left.  A few sheep near that croft house.
A closer look.
Scotland just kicked it up a gear, in the most spectacular views race.
Where is your favourite view?


rusty duck said...

There aren't many views to beat that one. In all the times I've been to Scotland I've only ever once seen the Three Sisters without cloud.

Anonymous said...

Around 1993 I was over there. I loved the Yorkshire Dales. All that green with a bunch of sheep. I have a picture somewhere.

Harry Flashman said...

The Land that Time Forgot! Where are the dinosaurs?

If that was here every inch would be filled with rich peoples condos and houses with plate glass walls.

Europeans do so much better a job of preserving their countryside. Seems like Americans have a bad case of tackyitis.

nick said...

The scenery in Scotland is spectacular. Just after I left school, some school friends and I drove all round the Scottish coast - West, North and East. It was an amazing experience.

Sol said...

Hey Jessica, we have never driven this before we have flown to Inverness and then driven from the other way.

Susie, I am hoping at some point we will get a motor home and then we will do Cumbria, the Lakes and Yorkshire. Some areas are pretty special and need to be savoured.

Harry, the National Trust own the land, it is a charity that protects the land. People bequeath land to the Trust so the government cant sell it to the highest bidder. No doubt there are minerals in those mountains and some one would want to blast them.

Nick, all I kept saying was WOW. OMG WOW.