Monday 28 July 2014

garden today


Raybeard said...

These are terrific, Sol. I couldn't put a name to any of them with confidence but in the last one I thought at first it was a cucumber hanging there but I guess it's a cucumber-sized chillie.

The outside ones will benefit if the fiercest thunderstorm (which we're right now experiencing tailing off) I've seen in very many years passes over to you - with probably the heaviest rain I've EVER seen - 'torrents' doesn't even begin to describe it! I thought the house might be uplifted and carried down the road.....sorry, river.

rusty duck said...

Looking good.
I think I should stop pruning my olive.. no flowers!

Anonymous said...

Is that going to be a pumpkin? I like the purple flower also.

Sol said...

Ray I have just looked on the BBC! OMG And they keep telling us there is no such thing as global warming... Really?

Hi Jessica. I had to prune them back hard as they went woody and no leaves

Susie that's us a courgette

Sol said...

the pictures are
1, fig
2 & 3, Olive bushes
4, blueberries
5, corn tops
6, sweetcorn forming
7, runner beans
8, courgette
9, buddleia
10 cucumbers

nick said...

Very educational! I had no idea what olive bushes looked like. And I had no idea those were blueberries - we've got some in our garden! Looks like everything in your garden is thriving nicely.

Anonymous said...

You have a very productive garden there, m'dear.