Thursday 3 July 2014

The Pipes

In Scotland, no real internet connection.  Will blog when I can.  My mending and repair pile is slightly less, in case you are interested.  Black flies haven't got me yet.  Miracles... hooray!

Sure is pretty here.  Off to see the Outlaws  Inlaws.

*dances around pretend swords with skirt held out to the sides*

"dah dah dah dah da da dah, duh duh duh du du du du dududederrrrr", that's bag pipe music if you hadn't guessed.

Little bit put out that everyone else seems to have nicer skirts than me.  And my dress clashes with my pear wellingtons...  oh well.  Sartorial I am not! *twirl*  96 year old, Granny MacK told me I have nice knees, so that makes up for it..  She doesn't appove of wellingtons, apparently I should be wearing boots...?

Off to watch men throw rocks and big sticks, ala Braveheart!  FREEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMMan

Fancy a sound track for the day?  Driving along screaming {this} out at the top of our lungs.. I blame it on Granny. Don't tell me we don't know how to have fun...  We were told off when we got back, as we had it on a loop and someone rang the STERN Aunty to tell her we were at the traffic lights in the village letting Granny scream....!!  LOL



Harry Flashman said...

Is Scottish nationalism alive and well? Believe it or not, we have "The Highland Games" here every summer and people come from all over the South to compete. Tossing the cabar (did I spell that right), the pipes, dancing. It's all dead serious stuff. The Appalachians were largely settled by Scotch Irish , or as the Brits say, Scots Irish. Especially North Carolina, which is where my family entered the country in 1742.

Raybeard said...

Oh, those men in kilts! And it's always the same question - while one hopes to see them sit down.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with outlaws. Mine are six feet under. We get along well, now.

Sol said...

Hey Harry, it is very much alive.

people come from all over to participate in the games.

Ray, those kilts! lol I have pictures of what is under those skirts!

Susie Ha haaaaa

Raybeard said...

Sol, so have I - and some deserve to be framed!

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks for revisiting my blog place today Sol, and now I see you are also also visiting my real life place as in Scotland. Watch out for us natives as well the midges (presumably the tiny "black flies" you mention). We are heading to the west coast tomorrow where the midges hang out mostly. The midges just love eating me but they avoid my wife. I suppose I should take that as a compliment to me and an insult to her. They may be tiny but their "love bites" come up swell. Harmless though (the midges, not the natives).

Sol said...

hi Andrew, Scotland is amazing for holidays. Great open spaces. my favourite place in SW Scotland is Kirkudbright. I love the galleries and the antiques shops. hope you have a lovely time away