Tuesday 22 July 2014


Studying back Thursday.
No room in my brain. 
Like a full tea cup. 
With each drip it feels like something is flowing out somewhere.
Arent posts boring without pictures?....


Anonymous said...

It looks like a teacup! Did you do that on purpose?

lovelygrey said...

I know that feeling! x

Raybeard said...

You sound like Sherlock Holmes when he posits that the human brain can only hold so much. But I do know what you mean and had much the same feelings when I was studying, way, way back when. But hope you've pulled through it by the time you've read this.

Sol said...

Ha HA Susie I didn't even notice but now you say it. it really does.

Lovely Grey, I feel like I need Dumbledores pensieve.

Ray, changing career and getting some form of qualification so people take you seriously really puts you through the wringer. My brain actually hurts from some of it. I went to school to see my friends. if mobile phones had been invented we wouldn't have bothered. the school didn't care about us and we didn't care about it.