Friday 4 July 2014

twirling - getting in the moo d

weight throw
These pictures are from 2009 Inverness Highland Games





Stone Put

Getting ready for the Highland Games in Luss this weekend!
This could be our last time going to the games.  I hope they are good!
Have a great weekend everyone


Tom Stephenson said...

What has happened to the true Highlander? Not only do I see underpants in those up-skirt shots, but I see they are also made of stretchy Lycra.

Sol said...

Hey Tom, if I remember correctly, there were very few young Scottish guys competing, only older men.

The majority taking part were American, and they took part in pretty much all of the challenges. The rest were Canadian and as you can see above 2 Japanese men and they took part in select parts.

I will report back on what happens tomorrow.

Shady Del Knight said...

How exciting, Sol! I would love to attend the Highland Games. I've never witnessed feats of strength and skill like these first hand, only on the telly.

Sol said...

He Shady Del. It is actually a little strange in a way. like the Olympics everything is happening at the same time you tend to rush about. This will be the last one we go to see I think. we wont be going this far north again and probably not in the Games season.

Hoping to learn to fly fish next time we go. Weirdly I do find that exciting.

Anonymous said...

Teeny tiny phone keys. That one guy appears to be flashing!

John Going Gently said...

I mirror toms comment but for totally different reasons

Sol said...

Hey Susie! lol

John I don't think they would allow them to not have shorts, plus it is colder up here it was 15 oC here yesterday.

Harry Flashman said...

I noticed a lot of older guys in the pictures too. If I tried any of that I'd be face down in the grass, stone dead.

Sol said...

Hey Harry, the old guys were mostly the Scottish ones. The younger ones were Canadian and American