Tuesday 8 July 2014

500 miles

on the road to Glen Coe, that is snow in the top right.
Having left home last week and it was 26 oC to then be hit by 14 oC.  Brrr.  Just to remind you it is July.

Some of the Harry Potter film was shot around here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic, Sol.

Unknown said...

I love passing through Glen Coe, so eerily beautiful! Always puts me in mind of Lord of the Rings. Where were you heading?

Tom Stephenson said...

There's still snow up there?!

Harry Flashman said...

That looks like the kind of place I would enjoy living. Any good places on the market there!

They probably wouldn't let Americans come live there though. The Australians turned me down when I applied to go live there back in the nineties, and the Canadians kicked my kids out of Canada when their student visas expired.

Anonymous said...

Same thing when we went to Trento in the Dolomites!

Molly Printemps said...

It looks beautiful Sol. I am originally from Glasgow but I don't think I would ever move back to Scotland because of the climate alone!

Sol said...

Susie it sure is pretty. Cold but pretty.

Louise, hey there. Glad to see you. We are in Fort William

Tom, we are very high here. Ben nevis is 1344metres above sea level

Harry, I am sure Scotland would have you. I saw a lovely house in the Low Lands I will send you the link. Don't show your wife, she will sell your Mountain out from under you for it

Hi there Toffeeapple! Great to see you. The Dolomites are lovely.

Hi Ya Carol. Scotland is very close to my heart. We nearly moved there about 14 years ago. Being darker skinned (olive), I stick out like a sore thumb. lol