Thursday 31 December 2015

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Lets hope 2016 is amazing!


Raybeard said...

Thanks, Sol - and no less to you, to yours and to those whom you think are deserving.
Have a nice 'seeing-in' if that's what you're planning to do - and let's read some really good news on your blogs relating to yourself not too far into 2016.

Elaine said...

Happy New Year to you and Posh Boy, Sol. May your 2016 be happy, healthy, and all that you wish. x

Sol said...

Hey Ray, Ive got a feeling 2016 is going to be the ride of my life! Hope you have a lovely night. We are staying in. And will for sure be watching London on the TV. Have a fab 2016!

THanks Fliss. And to you to. I hope that Miles and Poppy can see their new home and they you have many days of lovely family time all together!

Love to both of you


Raybeard said...

Thanks (again), Sol. It's over 20 years since I last saw in NY, and I don't expect to be doing it now either, though if I do manage to fall asleep the distant (or sometimes nearby) fireworks usually wake me up just before midnight. But I'll continue lying in bed anyway, warm and comfy with my Blackso by my side.
Enjoy your own night in any case.

John Going Gently said...

Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

Sol said...

Ray its raining cats and dogs here. Glad we arent going out. its blowing a gale still.

Hey John, have a good night!