Tuesday 22 December 2015

Somethings I just shouldnt Watch

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Yesterday, after walking around to all the neighbours to give them cards and chocolate, for Christmas, I wanted to say Happy Solstice, for tomorrow... but I didnt.  One of the neighbours kept me on his doorstep whilst it was wetting it down with rain.  And just kept talking, I stood there wonky on my crutches rain running down my nose.  When he said, "Oh, I didnt realise your hair was curly".  I said, "Yes, when my hair is wet and I dont dry it straight my hair is curly.". Thinking this was my cue to say I have to go now.  When he started going on that the people who used to live in this house stole their kitten and wouldnt give it back... Wow.  At that point my mobile phone did something it never does when I am at home, it RANG.  I have absolutely no signal at our house....  I said "I will speak to you another time, I dont want to hold you up.  When the house is more finished we will have everyone around to see it..."

Back in the house, as the light faded. I started watching War of the Worlds.  I really shouldnt watch stuff like that.  Freaks me out.  Like reading The Shining.  I had to throw that book across the room a few times when I read it. 



Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

That's what you get for being kind to your neighbours. Curly hair ! Haha ! That was too funny.

I don't watch some things. Like scary movies. I can scare myself all on my own, thank you very much. xxx...x

kymber said...

Sol - i used to read a lot of websites that freaked me out, watched movies that freaked me out and read books that freaked me out. for the past few years i have become much more careful about what i read/watch. not because i want to put my head in the sand and be unaware of what goes on the world - but there is just a lot of stuff on tv/movies/books that are just there to try and scare you. and i don't think it's healthy to be filling our minds with things that are unreal, over-the-top and just trying to scare you. make sense?

sending much love! your friend,

Sol said...

Hi ya Patricia, I cant remember seeing this before so, on my own in the dark with only the stove burning I gave myself a wobbly stomach. And when the girls foot sticks out past the mirror OMG my heart was in my throat.

Hey Kymber, honest there are somethings on Day time tv over here that really shouldnt be on. I once was at my parents, walked into the family room and the kids (no one over 9) had Ghost Whisperer on in the background when they were playing with the fort. This was 11am! Crazy things on the TV.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Even Doctor Who scares me now and I'd like to watch the Christmas Sherlock but that might be too frightening - I'm turning into an elderly wimp.
I'm very confused about the Solstice, I thought it was yesterday - 21st - St Thomas' Day, but the weather man and you both say today - 22nd . Confused and scared!

Sol said...

ohhh weird my comment just disappeared...

Doctor who and jekyll and Hyde are too much right now. and are on quite early.

The Solstice moves as we orbit the Sun in a not complete circle.... some one else wrote about it more clearly than myself.


its about half way down the page.

Elaine said...

I am very easily spooked by things. Max used to work away a lot and if I watched something which frightened me I would flick on all the lights and sing loudly...my dreadful singing was enough to scare anything away, definitely made me feel better! Here's to more light in our lives.

Sol said...

Hey Fliss, I swear I had to watch to the end as I knew it was ok. I remember as a child listening to the records of the War of the Worlds and being scared stiff.