Wednesday 23 December 2015

Charity Begins at Home.

You may remember this from a previous post.  This is Carlisle Cathedral.  Beautiful isnt it.

Sadly Carlisle is being battered by weather at present.  Some areas have flooded 3 times.  I feel so sorry for the families affected.

Sheep dogs rescued a flock from the river.

Please {go here} for updates.  They will be in for it again tonight.  We have checked all of our Family close to the Border in Scotland.  They are well and have friends in Carlisle who have managed to stay with other Friends.

The whole of the North is going to have a really rough Christmas.  And lots of kids will wonder how Father Christmas will find them if they arent in their homes.  Please go to iTunes and get the song in the above link on the you tube.

Posh Boy will buy it for us when he comes home from work, I am sorry to say I am iTune illiterate...

Please share the link on your Blog, if you have Facebook, Twitter....

Charity begins at home.

As always, be kind.

Sol x


PioneerPreppy said...

What a nasty time for flooding. Sending my best wishes.

Sadie said...

I'm glad your friends and family are safe and well. The weather has been so very harsh up in the North, and I am sorry for it.

The church photos are stunning. So beautiful.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. :O)

Sol said...

Hey PP, those poor people and it looks like it is to carry on past 26th/boxing day.

Hi there Sadie, the Cathedral is beautiful isnt it. We are getting high winds and rain today, I cant believe what those people must be going through. Forget Christmas, all of their family pictures etc. Awful just awful

Merry Christmas to you as well.