Thursday 24 December 2015

Mozart Balls and Strudel

Happy Christmas Eve.  We went to Vienna, Austria earlier this month.  We did lots of sights and museums.

Lots of Christmas Markets, I am afraid to say they werent as good as German Christmas markets that we have been to before...  Cologne is a personal favourite.  But here are some pictures for you,..

There were horses and carriages, where you could pretend you were a Princess.  It stank to high heaven there.  But to stop the po op from going on to the road they had some from of po op shoots at behind them that had a bucket at the bottom.  We didnt go in one as I am afraid of horses...

The Cathedral had a market around its base.  Arent the roof tiles amazing.  Chevrons before they became hip in America.

This building was behind the one we stayed in.

I love all of the details on the buildings.  Such grandeur that we can no longer be bothered to include in to buildings.  Money is now King and cheap buildings are flung up, where as these were more labours of love that showed the owner had cash and style, dont you think?

The buildings opposite the hotel we stayed in.  This one had a roof terrace.

This building was also opposite our hotel room and was empty.  You wouldnt see that in say Picadilly Circus.  This was central Vienna...?  Madness, how beautiful, but empty.

Another part of the Cathedral, with the bird crest.

I think this one was my favourite building all the paintings on the sides and the turret.  But as it is in the centre of Vienna, it is blotted by the McDonalds sign. 

More pictures to come later.  But if someone was to ask would be go again.  The answer would be no.  There are too many other places in the World to see.

Are you all ready for tomorrow?

P.S. {Morzart Balls} are chocolate with a soft centre.


kymber said...

sending you our best wishes, a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

lots of love! your friends,
kymber and jambaloney

Raybeard said...

Some of these touch me deeply, Sol. (Mozart Kugeln, ah yes!)
I lived the final of my three years in Cologne, right in the centre, in a flat just round the corner of Neumarkt (near the large and imposing Apostelnkirche). They had a big Xmas market there, but I'm not sure if it was the main one, though it could have been the one you're referring to. Never yet had the chance to re-visit since I left there in '91 - but, by golly, I do long to do so. That time WILL come, and I'll be shedding bitter-sweet tears when I do return, for things and people lost in the years since then.

Btw: A very happy Xmas again - just in case you don't see my reply to your most recent comment on my blog. One can't overstate ones wishes, can one.

northsider said...

Merry Christmas Sol. I was there in August 2014. We also visited Bratislava. A Euro for a pint. Lovely buildings and great food and drink.

Sol said...

Hey Kymber and Jam, Merry Christmas. Be safe getting about!

Ray, yes that is a lovely market there. We have family in Cologne. I havent found a market better than there. And they had the live nativity for Midnight Mass in the suburb that they live in. It started to snow gently. I sat next to a donkey that was happy to share its body heat. We have been many times. Have a lovely day Ray.

Hi Dave it was lovely but there was something missing. I dont know what. But we wont go again. Have a fab day

Kev Alviti said...

Drove to Vienna many years ago, really interesting city but like you there are too many places.
Hope you have a great Christmas x

Sol said...

Hey Kev. Hope you are having a lovely day.