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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Be Our Guest...

Be our guest, be our guest..., love that film.

Ok maybe not in the room how it was...

Remember this room.  Textured wall paper (6 layers of wall paper on these walls.).

Gum mashed into the carpet

Only God knows what this was but we had to have new floor boards as they stank.  Oh my word, they stank.  So out they came as the builder said the smell would come through new carpet.  And I scrubbed that floor like crazy.

You cant really see but we chopped all of the trees down there as they were touching the house and the surveyor said they had to come out as they were touching the foundations.  

A new more efficient radiator. The plaid on the pillows are cushion covers, I braved Dunelm for cushion pads when in the local town.  None to be found that were 50cm x 50cm.  This will now have to wait till we go to another town and look, after Christmas.

Above the bed I am thinking of putting 9 pictures up the width of the bed head to add height and interest, but also to bounce the light back into the room from that wall.  I also have an oil painting to go on the wall opposite the bed.  Which I love.  

Cupboards are gone, they were so deep that we could have put the washer and dryer in there.  we removed them as we had to have new flooring in there, as we did the whole floor.  The builder thought that they had either dogs or cats and just let the go all over.  EWWWW

 I am thinking dark wood furniture.  Really deep shiny stuff.  And I have seen these {lights}, (in silver), that I am loving right now.  I will have to find a cheaper copy some where.  Maybe TK Maxx?  Again this will have to take some time as we will wait till well into the new year.

I am going for a masculine (ish) look.  It will require 2 bed side cabinets, a vanity desk and a wardrobe, to put into the recess where the cupboards were previously.  

I hope for it to feel a little like {this hotel}, in Edinburgh.

Do you think white furniture or dark?


Felicity said...

I'm glad you got rid of stinky carpets and floorboards! I really love the slightly masculine look in a bedroom, although our room is probably rather darker than yours. Almost ten years down the line and I still love it - so you can guess which way I would vote. The room is looking great after all your hard work.
ps One of our other rooms has a bed which is about the colour of your Venetian blinds and that looks rather nice too.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I don't like dark furniture having grown up in a 1950s house where everything was dark but I'm no good at knowing what looks good anyway as virtually all the furniture we have is whatever we could find for our needs-secondhand - at the time.
No help really!
We bought a house in 1980 where the woman bred cats - The smell was awful but we got the house cheap and had to rip out skirting boards and all the wood round doors etc.
Made a good profit when we sold though

Sol said...

Hey Fliss, I want the room to not date quickly. I am ok with somethings looking more traditional. I am not into the flocked wall paper or big pattern flowers that are in right now. I appreciate them in other peoples houses and think they look pretty and in some settings I really love them. But I dont cope well with 'Busy'. Especially when working on a new contract. I need to come home flop down and only be looking at pictures if I want to. Rather than things smacking me in my face.

Sol said...

Hey Sue, the furniture if dark wood would come from a charity shop. you cant seem to find it anywhere else at the moment. I also have to think that if at any point we are in need of extra money, if we had to we could rent the room out. Have to think of all of theses things, just in case.

Cats seem to be the worst dont they. Stinky if they cant go outside. its gross.

Sol said...

I am hoping I am channeling a little of this hotel in Edinburgh

Felicity said...

My dear late MiL was a great one for patterned wallpaper (think really enormous cabbage roses, etc) while my lovely Mum had a soft-spot for flocked wallpaper (Chinese restaurant) - perhaps this is why we stick to plain painted walls! I really like the direction you have taken the room.

Winters End Rambler said...

Perhaps if you don't find cushion pads you could sew the plaid material to the centres of the pillowcases? That's what I thought had happened at first glance...very classy! Jackie x

Toffeeapple said...

Personally, I dislike dark and white furniture, I like something between the two, leaning toward lighter. But that is my taste, yours might differ. I hope you find what you want.

Sol said...

Fliss, I think I have too much of the 90's and 00's, of habitat and ikea in me. Chuck out the chintz. I also have a huge soft spot for Scandi/French style. I am addicted to interior magazines and blogs.

Hi Jackie, I hadnt thought about that with the cushions! Excellent idea. I will wait to see if I can find some cushion pads if not I will have to ask my sister to help me with sewing it on to the pillows. The sewing machine and are have a love-hate relationship. I like to think that I am excellent at it but really I am awful.

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple, I dont really know what to put in there, that is the problem. I have hit a wall with it all. We have had to fight this house, from the very beginning nothing has been straight forward... This is the worst of the 14 houses we have done and we had one house that was a shell of walls, no roof. This house fights back! lol

Raybeard said...

I think you deserve a rest now.
And my answer is dark. Anything that doesn't show the dust, so minimising the frequency of cleaning, gets my vote.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, It will take some time to find the furniture I am sure as I dont have the budget and it isnt in fashion if I go down that route. It needs something. It needs some pizzazz. you know what I mean.

I rest quite a bit at the moment. lol I cant not. I dragged a branch from one side of the garden to the other at lunch time today. With my right arm. The limb had cracked off of the trunk of the tree and had to be moved as it was on the driveway. thank god it didnt fall on the car. That walnut tree needs to come down

Trudie said...

That's looking so much better and really calming - dark furniture would look classy - when I worked for the council we regularly had to take up floorboards and joists because the previous tenant had allowed their dogs to use the house as a toilet - you really wouldn't believe how some people live.....really you've saved that home haven't you? It will be so nice and 'yours' when it's all finished xxx

Sol said...

Hey Trudie, everyones comments today have given me a real lift.

I cant understand letting a dog poop all over. It boggles my mind. Even a sick dog, you would do what you could to make it better wouldnt you?

I am hoping that after Christmas I find some furniture in a charity shop. I hope it isnt going to look like an old ladies house... eek. if it is no good I will have to paint it.

Thanks everyone for your comments to day.

Vera said...

I love the plaid curtains, but as for colour of furniture. At one time I would have gone for white, but living in an old cottage which has white walls but wooden ceilings, I would go for dark wood furniture.

It is a good feeling to get a place sorted out as well I know, although it is an effort to get it done it is always worthwhile.

Harry Flashman said...

I like it, but where's the gun cabinet going?

Sol said...

Hey Vera, everything is taking so much time. I am thinking mostly light walls, lots of pictures and dark wood. its such a hard decision. Your home is also coming along as well.

lol Harry, sorry no guns here. Only archery bows. I dont actually know anyone who owns a gun... That would be a very rare thing over here.