Thursday 10 December 2015

We Need Vulcans - and Not the Plane Kind

picture from Google.

I honestly think we need a Vulcan Accountant to run this Country.

I need an ice pack for my head.  Today has done my head in.

End of Message


lovelygrey said...

He would be way better than Georgie. Hope head is better now xxx

Sol said...

Hey Lovely Grey, I have just skyped my friend. Her circumstances have changed and she has just had to complete the forms again for tax credit wotsits. She is now a single mum. They dont make it easy do they. We skyped whilst she filled it in on her brothers ipad, he is there for moral support at the mo. and I think you need to have a degree in Klingon to complete them. the only thing different is that she is now a single parent. why didnt she need to recomplete everything else....? ARRRGGGGHHHHH why couldnt it just hold on to the details and then just change that one bit? I think we must have missed something. but wow. that is a few hours we will both never get back. I dont mind as I love her to death. but all of these hoops. Sometimes I am glad I dont have kids. everything seems so much more complicated these day, what with this and opting for schools. over loaded is the word for it all. over loaded.

Rant over.

Hope you are well.

PioneerPreppy said...

If you had a Vulcan like T'Pol running the show I would immigrate :)

Cro Magnon said...

What got my goat today was this wretched indecision about Heathrow and Gatwick. Sometimes I think they should be more like the French; act, then hold the enquiry later. The whole silly business has been going on since the 1970's.

Sol said...

PP, it would be some much better if we had Politicians who actually gave a po op about the people, rather than lining their pockets. Maybe if we had T'Pol and some better looking people (tongue in cheek here) in politics more people would take notice. Did you know politics isnt taught in state schools over here? How can we grow great leaders when they have no understanding of politics.

Cro, no one wants to upset someone who could give them a vote. I am not normally like this, about politics I normally just take it. But what really whipped me up again yesterday was the letter that, that Labour pillock left in the Treasury. You know the one that said there was no money left. I saw it on a BBC clip on their website. Then my friends said she had to complete that tax credit thing. OMG some how that must be a waste of money completing it all again? it was maybe 3 details, husband left, remove him, remove his salary, put in how much maintenance he is to pay...

When the French strike over things like the price of bread, I can only think that striking over the food basics are good thing.

And the airport, arrrggghhhh they need to just get on with it. it is costing so much money consulting on it all.