Monday 7 December 2015

Village Green

Not my village but parts look like this.  picture from here
Music to accompany the next link {Village Green Society}

Saw {this article}, it made me laugh, pavement and street lights?  Nope.

And another one for the giggles... {here}

Am secretly addicted to the Overheard in Waitrose....

Although the other day, when I was in Tescos, I overheard 2 older ladies bemoaning the car park to waitrose being full.  And how dare they not have time limits of people in the shop.  How they hoped no one saw them going in there.  and that it was a disgrace that the trolleys were wet. 

 It was blowing a gale and raining sideways.....  How us peasants live eh?


northsider said...

Wonderful picture of a Cotswold village and a great track. Can you get real ales in your village pub Sol?

Sol said...

Hey Dave, its a good track isnt it. Have you watched the TV show Jam and Jerusalem?

Yes Dave there is a local Ale and Bitter and then they have a guest Ale each month. Am I uspestting you now? The pub I have found, although frightening to get to after 3pm now as it is dark is worth going to. found lots of work men that we need through word of mouth. Also they allow dogs in the bar, but not the area to eat in.

Lynne said...

Yep, much like that in our village too. And TOURISTS in the summer!!!!!!! Our bypass is becoming a traffic jam from May until October. Oh dear, I'm becoming a Grumpy Village Person!

Sol said...

Hey Lynne. Honest some of the other villages are pure chaos with Japanese Tourists getting into their gardens to take pictures with pretty houses. Nice for them to facebook but washing your dishes whilst people tramp all over your flowers,... not for me. We are having a high wall and electric gates added! lol We dont have this problem thank goodness.