Thursday 25 August 2016

It must be time for some music

Loved this song, I had a top just like this.  I had to sneak it out in my bag when I was going to stay at my friends.  Her parents were a lot more easy going than my own.  That was until I saw a picture of myself wearing it.  Too skinny and nothing to fill it.  It fitted my friend better than it did me.  LOL 

We used to go to an under 18s nightclub that shut at 11.  lol  And you've guessed it, everyone sat down on the floor and sang their heart out.

This song I remember vividly.  We were in a friends bedroom, listening to this song, her parents were down stairs working out, who got what in the divorce.  Weird as a teenager how you just go with it.  

There you go, a bit more of the 90's through my eyes and ears.

Have a good day, I hope it is a little cooler.  Fingers crossed.


thrift deluxe said...

I loved all of those songs too!

Sol said...

Excellent, glad you loved them. I love music. I cant go a day without it. Hope you are having a fab day

kymber said...

i loved Shakespeare's sister but i am obviously a little older than you because nothing gets me going like the early romantics (joy division, duran duran, english beat, men without hats) and then the dancers (madonna, cyndi lauper, paula abdul) and then the moderns (new order, depeche mode, pets hop boys).

i loved a ton of 90's music that can make me hang my head in shame - vanilla ice, real mccoy, marky mark - oh it's too embarrassing to name anymore. but i also love all of the 50's and early 60's - can't stand mid-60's, 70's disco, jazz or blues or any of that crap.

loved grunge but can't really get into anything from 2000 on. there's some good stuff to dance to but the music is all over-produced and the lyrics leave something to be desired!

jam and i don't play music during the day but at least 3-4 times a week we have "song night". which is basically playing music from about 7pm-1am...dancing and singing our heads off.

i am glad music brings you such joy - we all need joy in our lives! making comments on your paint choices in just a minute.

sending love! your friend,

Sol said...

Hi Kymber. *waves*. I really could do with out TV. I admit we do watch quite a few programmes on the goggle box. Music is a constant with me. If I am not listening to it, I am humming to myself. lol Music really affects me, it can really change my mood.

Love the thought of song night. I am known for twirling around a lot. My Nieces think it is the funniest thing. My Great Nieces love it. I dont care, I love it. Doing the running man and moon walking. The cheesier the better.

I love Duran Duran, A Ha... OMG Morten was one of my first crushes.

In the last couple of years I have become fond of folk music and sea shanties.

Vanilla ice ice baby!

kymber said...

Sol - you will be the only one to truly appreciate night at a friend's house party in the 90's...i translated ice-ice baby into french - bahahahah! it was hysterical because the french (at least the quebecois here in canada say "hice" for ice - so i was all "hice-hice bebe"

you might have had to have been there to truly appreciate my translation"

Allright arrêter collaborer et écouter

oh it was a hoot!

and ya. i am pretty sure that you are cheesier than me - bahahahah! xoxoxoxo

Sol said...

Kymber, I love that you translated that to French. How cool. xxx

Chickpea said...

I love how music brings back memories of times in our lives, I can even remember all the words from 40 years ago.

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea, hows it going? Music and smells are very evocative arent they. Hope all is going well with the new place!!!

Kev Alviti said...

Seating out clothes to wear! Is this what I've got to look forward to with my girls?
I loved James and have the album somewhere, although I either wasn't old enough or wasn't cool enough to be out when that was played regularly!

Sol said...

Kev i was awful. honest i cringe now. keep a close eye on them, my parents were far too strict. they should have been a little bit more modern, lol I was an idiot