Tuesday 9 August 2016

You see tomatoes, I see bruschetta

Although the heirlooms  havent produced this year at all, they died off, truth be told.  My yellow cherry tomatoes and my baby plum tomatoes have been putting out a high yield.

Bruschetta for lunches, homemade ciabatta, tomatoes, basil and garlic all home grown.  Nom nom, yum yum.  Olive oil comes from my friends family farm in the South of Italy.

Posh tomatoes on toast, never tasted so good.


Elaine said...

A meal fit for a King and good olive oil is an absolute joy. Max used to work with an Italian man who would swap fabulous olive oil and Balsamic vinegar in exchange for the English fare which his wife fancied at the time. I think we got the better part of the bargain.

Kev Alviti said...

Sounds great. I also like posh beans on toast!

Tracy said...

Oh wow, yum!!!! Is that Sungold variety I see?

Sol said...

Hi Felicity, Italian people are always up for a great barter. She also gave me the seedlings for the cherry tomatoes and the baby plum tomatoes. the cherry ones are a type that her mum puts into jars and makes the most incredible spaghetti dish. there is a secret ingredient that she wont tell! I give them excess garden produce and Posh Boy tutored her daughter through her A level French as she had fallen behind. We are honorary Italians because of this.

Kev some food that is simple is just AMAZING.

Hi Croods, the yellow tomatoes are called pomodorini gialli. As above they are used in a jar/canned for winter. This looks like them


The seeds in the tomato are fewer than you expect, there is a lot more flesh in them. They are very nice cooked or in salads.