Sunday 7 August 2016

I love it when a plan comes together...

The house renovation is moving along at pace now.  Still waiting for the new stairs to be delivered.  A few bits of stupidness by the plasterer.  Big long electrical cable that came out of the floor, is so long it was wrapped around a door handle by one of the builders to keep it from being trodden on.  Stupid plasterer, plasters the wall without the cable behind it?  Duh?  and WTF???  Seriously, you have to watch every damned thing they do.   They will have to fix it, it is the only light in that area.  Mucho, miffed off with that!  More plaster dust as they channel out for that.  Not happy can you tell???!???

In good news though, we decided along time ago, as we will more than likely not stay in this house, we will not use the Greek marble slabs we ordered for the shower enclosure or the mother of pearl tiles which I adore, they can continue to live at my Brother's workshop until needed.  We have gone with bog standard white.  Cant go wrong.  What is the good news?  Whilst looking at the terms and conditions for Topps Tiles, it mentions the use of Tesco vouchers.  Well we have quite a few Tesco points vouchers.  Googled it and sure enough you could get Tesco vouchers to pay.  And not only that, on the Tescos website, you could triple the amount of the face value.  TRIPLE.  Read that TRIPLE THE VALUE.  What?

I cashed those vouchers in quick smart and whilst we waited for the new ones to arrive, ordered the tiles in store.  When we went to pick them up they didnt bat an eyelid that we were paying for the wall and floor tiles with vouchers.  And guess what?  It made the tiles free to us.  We didnt pay a penny.  Seeing as I would only have squandered those original vouchers on chocolate or something extra for our Christmas dinner, this way I have use of them every day.  Super duper right.  Free is free.  Yes, I earnt the vouchers through buying food at Tesco's, but I have to buy food and I have got something out of it.  Very pleased.  Very very pleased.

Wombled a few more things from the skip and therefore saved them from land fill.  Some really large lengths of timber 6x4 over 2 metres long (and I know I have just mixed metric with imperial lengths).  These will be used for a new extension to the wood store.  Found 2 rubble bags with off cuts from the stud walls, perfect for the wood stove.  

Waste not, want not.

p.s. I love the clapping Gif.  :)  I know people dont like them but I squealed and clapped when I found out they were tripled!  Tripled.  I am tickled with that.  


northsider said...

Great wombling Sol. Sound like you used your nous with the tiles. You could always buy a few tiles with flowers or a pattern, different colour to break up the white. Glad to hear the renovations are going to plan.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, well I wouldnt say to plan. You have to be on at them for everything. I am not happy with some finishes, and somethings they have had to do again. They didnt realise that I used to work as a building project managers assistant. And therefore know good work from bad. Today the carpenter has ruined 2 oak doors by splitting the grain near on the whole length of the door by not doing it correctly and taking the extra 2 minutes to get it right. it annoys me. They will now have to replace the doors as I am not accepting them damaged. it will split further if someone doesnt push the handle down completely before pushing the door open. nope not happy with that. it would seem I am gathering very expensive fire wood from their stupidity.

kymber said...

cee-rap! when we build our addition/sunroon on our kitchen we are using friends who are all qualified builders - thank goodness! i am sorry for all of your trouble but stay on those guys!

i love the clapping gif and was clapping with you when you got the tiles with vouchers for free!

sending much love! your friend,

Sol said...

Hi Kymber

They are all apparently qualified builders, they are just trying to cut corners and go home early. When i realised the tiles would be free I seriously did the happy dance. Really pleased.

Hope the weather is treating you well

Kev Alviti said...

I use a Tescos credit card (don't shop there) and have never paid interest but do get lots of points each month, we get lots of things through it. Thompson and morgans you can triple your points as well, we also each out with it on holiday and use it to book the cottage with (well a big money off it anyway).

Sol said...

Hey Kev, I never knew that you could do any of these things with Tesco vouchers. When we are a little more straight here with the renovations I am going to investigage what else we can get with the vouchers. The Thompson and Morgan thing is interesting, will for sure look at that. They do seedlings as well as seeds dont they? Maybe a use for the vouchers next year

thrift deluxe said...

Great use of the Tesco points. I understand your frustration with the workmen, you really do have to keep your eye on them don't you.

Sol said...

Hi Thift Deluxe. For sure you have to watch them like hawks. They just dont seem to be very proud of their work. They just want to do the bare minimum. I cant wait for them to leave, I really cant. I never knew you could use Tesco voucher for so many things.