Wednesday 24 August 2016

Colour Anxiety

Scotland June 2014
First world problem alert.  Pretty picture for calming craziness over stupid things.

I am now panicking about the colour of the walls for the main bedroom, the en suite and the bathroom.

Thoughts please

Chic Shadow for the en suite?  Its kind of none descript.  Am going off it.  The en suite is to the main bedroom

Urban Obsession, for the main bedroom?

Lost Lake, for the main bathroom upstairs.  It isnt as {mediterranean blue} as I wanted.  

All 3 paints are from Dulux as you can see.  

Should I paint them on and if they are no good, change the colour to something else?

At least if it is a mistake it isnt wall paper.  Right?

Stairs arrive tomorrow I am told.  I will be able to see the rooms and not just in a picture tomorrow night.  It doesnt help I havent been able to look at the rooms since they removed the old stairs.  Expect picture over load over the next few days.

Now back to the paint, these are all going in the loft conversion.  What do you think?


Dani said...

Best thing is to buy a sample tin or two or three and paint a small patch. Stand back - and all will become clear 😀

Sol said...

Hey Dani, I have done the testers. and that is why I am panicking. Tomorrow I will see what the rooms look like. You know in your head you have an idea of how you would like something to look like? That is my problem.

Sue in Suffolk said...

We used a grey on the stairs in our old house and it just sucked all the light out somehow. Repainted ASAP

Sol said...

Oh no Sue, I am concerned I am wasting money. If I need to get the room repainted. urgh I am really doing my own head in now.

Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

I am not a fan of grey. Scrap that. I hate grey. But I know many, many people like it.
Go with your first gut instinct.
I know with tester pots you can get some kind of idea, but the full effect will only be visible after everything has been painted and your furniture and nic-nacs are in place.
Try and visualise the rooms completed and furnished in your mind, if you can.
Anyway, go for it ! What is worse than grey walls ? Right, bare plaster walls. ;)

Janie Junebug said...

I like your colors. I used two colors in a couple of rooms. I like a quiet color with a bold color. My bedroom has three gray walls and one that's brick red. My living room has two light blueish-gray walls and two light red walls. Almost any color can look good with the right artwork on the walls. I know Sue in Suffolk didn't like gray in her old house, but I often use gray and have always been happy with it. Maybe the gray on her stairs was too dark or didn't have enough light shining on it. I think you'll be fine. If you don't have a lot of artwork, then put family photos, especially old ones, in bright frames that are inexpensive. They'll make the rooms cheerful.


Sol said...

Hi Patricia, I know the fatal orange/coral plaster colour. urgh... Well I am trying to keep the colour to only small areas. all the other rooms are going to be white. I just felt like some colour after years of beige. In the hope that we want to stay here, rather than just staging the house to sell, like we normally do. If it becomes oppressive then we will go back to white. We have lots of pictures to go up.

Hey Janie, I love the idea of red. I am hoping to have lots of red in the dining room. I have orange accents in the lounge. I say that to people and they think terracotta and rag rolling from the early 90's. Its in the rug and the blinds. My bathroom down stairs is chocolate brown, honest it works. I therefore wanted to continue to be bold in the bathrooms and calmer in other rooms. I have some beautiful Japanese Obi that I would love to display.

Hope you both have a lovely day!

kymber said...

i think your gut instinct choices were bang on. the ensuite and main bedroom colours will look great if you choose and accent colour for both rooms in different shades, mixed in both a dark blue/light blue or a dark purple/light purple to bring the 2 rooms together. let's say you go with dark blue - put the dark blue in the bathroom and the light blue in the bedroom...make sense? or with any other colour you choose....the right browns would be magnificent!

as for the main bathroom - love the colour! use lots of white accent with it!

can't wait to see the rooms painted! sending love! your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Kymber, I have managed to sneak up the stairs and see the rooms. I havent been up there for nearly 2 months, as I cant get back down the ladder if I get up there, due to my kaput knee.

The rooms are bigger than I remember. I have been super stressed about the bathrooms, as we were buying the fixtures blind as there was only stud work up, no plaster board. The small bedroom is bigger than I thought. The master is an ok size. The en suite is bigger than I thought. The main bathroom is ok. The other bedroom is a quirky shape, with lots of light, north-east and south-west windows. I think it is going to be a very warm room in the summer.

We are just going to paint them the colours we have chosen and then if they are bad we will repaint. All will be revealed next week I am sure.

Hope you are having a great day.

Sol xx

Gillian Roe said...

I really like all those colours but of course it's impossible to know without seeing the rooms and how much light they get. I would just paint them and if you really hate it you can change it fairly easily and without too much expense. x

Sol said...

Hey Gillian! Sounds like you had an amazing holiday! We have painted the bed room in the urban obsession colour and I think it looks fab. :)