Thursday 11 August 2016


The first time I ever saw the film Cruel Intentions, it was a raining afternoon, my friend and I went to the cinema in Plymouth, on the Barbican.  It was all new shiny and no one else was watching the film.  We moved seats every few minutes, lounged out and watched the film.  In the evening we ate dinner at the restaurant, laughed our head off and then moved to the night club on the other side of the cinema called Destiny and Desire (if I recall correctly.)  the song above makes me want to be in a convertable car.

I already had my life long long love of the below song and I have referenced this previously, but it is my favourite.  Here it is again.  The Verve.  Love

As they would say in those days 'it twisted my melon man'

I cant leave it just at 2, here is your third

Music is a really large part of my life.  There is a real soundtrack to my life.  Every film that touches me or I have an ace time on a date night the music becomes a memory trigger.  It also happens to me with smells.

I think I will make a new version of a mixed tape, in the form of a USB memory stick for my car.  I completely jumped from only having a tape deck in my old car with a Bros and a Madonna tape, both of which had been rewound with a pencil, many times. To warp speed forward completely missing CDs, mini discs and MP3s - straight to a USB stick.

Yes, a world with out music would be very dull.  I therefore leave you with a song of hope. Pull up a chair, tea or coffee cup in hand.  Press play and maximise. Lets start the day off nicely. 

John Lennon, Imagine.  

(Love that it looks like John is wearing Ugg boots.)

Live life in peace.

Till tomorrow

Be kind 


Janie Junebug said...

Oh, you melon man. I love Imagine. It's one of my favorites.


PioneerPreppy said...

Shoulda stuck with garbage

Sol said...

Hi Janie, I love it to. Hope you are well

PP, hey there. Good song. Love her eye shadow, the beginning is is a bit freaky?

Kev Alviti said...

Good songs, always loved placebo, saw them live many years ago.

Sol said...

That is super cool Kev! would have loved that

Cro Magnon said...

Who doesn't like 'Imagine'; it's become an anthem of its age.

Sol said...

Hey Cro, it is a very inspirational song. Not many songs now a days have such meaning.