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Thursday, 8 September 2016

It was all

It was all yellow grey.

Greetings from the Cotswolds.  I hope you like Coldplay.

Things have moved on quite dramatically, on the home front.  We are at paint stage, with a snag list but we have ordered carpet.  It cant be all bad.  I thought you may want to see the bedroom so far.  Remember Urban Obsession?  The grey?

Here you go.

All very angular at present.  The grey paint has been a pig to use. it all needs tidying up on the edges.  There arent any crisp edges where the roof line meets the wall, it is therefore a bit wobbly.  My Brother is coming up to help with that and some carpentry that I am not happy with and once you have asked someone 3 times to fix something and they still cant get it right, it is time to cut them off.

The en suite is larger than it looks in the above picture.  This is at white wash stage.  It will be a light grey when finished.  The tiles on the floor are medium oak tile/planks.  They are covered in dust right now.  No matter how much you brush up and vacuum, turn your back it is settling again from the air.  I think it will take months for it to be more normal.  The underfloor heating is really nice under foot as I knew it would be.

The hall so far is the most improved.  All that wood panelling is gone...  We are waiting for a real decorator to do the hall, stairs and landing for us.  Its a big job. 

I just keep telling myself we are nearly finished.  The oil tank is full. the garden has been hacked right back to the boundary.  The garden now looks bigger than it is.  It will never be as big as our last garden, but it should be pretty in the end.  Getting ready for Autumn and then winter.  I hope it is warm and cozy here.  

Does the house feel like home yet?  No, but it is becoming more like us.  Rather than the disgusting building we moved into.

Hope you are all well.


Kev Alviti said...

Looking good and I like the grey, far better than the peach our house is in!

Felicity said...

I love Coldplay! The grey is looking really good. I know what you mean about crisp edges, I'm afraid I get a bit obsessive about them and end up spending more time getting them straight than I spent painting the whole room. You have worked wonders and you'll soon be reaping the reward. You are almost there.

Sol said...

Hey Kev, the rest of the house is coral colour of the bare plaster! lol It just feels like it is never ending. There is a good contrast between the grey and the white of the skirting. I hope it looks ok.

northsider dave said...

Never thought of using grey Sol. Looks good. It will look a lot more like home when you add your personal effects like pictures and ornaments. When we built our bungalow we painted everywhere white because it was cheap to do and you could use the same brushes for every room.

Sol said...

Hi Felicity, the straight edges are really a mess. My Brother is going to use tape and then get it all straight and neat.

Hey Dave, all of down stairs, except the bathroom is a colour called desert wind, its a Dulux colour in their light and space range. It apparently has a light reflective additive. What ever it is, I like it. It is just a hint of cream. I would have it white also, but apparently I am not allowed. My family think I am bonkers with all the colours I am adding.

rusty duck said...

You're doing a great job. I love the grey. Out to find more matchpots..

Sol said...

Hey Jessica, I was so worried about the colour, thinking it was too dark. My first hunch was turning out to be ok. And not a costly mistake. Get a lot of testers as I found it really hard and what I thought would be too dark is just right and where I wanted medium it turned out too light and wishy washy and not there at all. Good luck

Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

Great job ! There is light at the end of the tunnel.
I also always have problems with cutting in near a sloping ceiling. The plastering never seems to be sharp. xxx...x

Sol said...

Hey Patricia, thanks we are trying hard to get it all right. It isnt just us then with the sloping ceilings and attic rooms. The 2 other bedrooms are going to be light. One will be an office/hobby-music room and the other will be dressed as a bedroom. Maybe with dark furniture, the thought scares me as we have previously mostly had only Ikea bits and bobs and hand me downs. Its time to have a more grown up home. lol Everywhere but the office, as I am putting all of my film bits in there. Harry Potter, Star Wars etc. its going to be a little too geeky for some. But it is who we are... wands and all, not worts and all. lol

Have a great weekend

Annie's Journal said...

You've done a clever way of arranging your fixtures in the space you're given. The floating wash basin looks great. We'll be working on the interiors of our tiny flat soon too! DIY way- (the thought of it can be frightening!) least there's no garden to work on at the same time. Thank you for sharing with us your home will soon look wonderful! It will be nice to see it all when finished:)

Sol said...

Hi Annie, I hope you are enjoying nice weather it is drizzling here. We wall hung the sink to make it look larger on the floor area as the ceiling comes in, we didnt want it to feel claustrophobic. Good luck with the DIY~!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I'm not a big fan of grey but this looks wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! Have a wonderful rest of your week!! : )

~ Wendy

Sol said...

Hey Wendy. The grey is quite dark, it was really touch and go as to whether we would paint it such a deep colour. I am hoping it looks good.