Friday 9 September 2016

Taste the Rainbow

And they say advertising doesnt work!  Ha

The In-Laws came for a flying visit at the weekend.  We have no spare rooms or beds.  That was fun.  

I fed them roasted mix veg, rice and tandoori chicken.  We had quorn strips, I probably wont have that again.  Everyone else thought it was delicious.  I am not keen on quorns texture.

The tandoori was really easy, low fat plain greek yoghurt, mixed with a Pataks jar of madras paste.  About half the jar.  I butterflied the chicken breasts, placed them in a bowl with half the curry yoghurt mix and left it for 2 hours in the fridge and did the same with the quorn.

To cook them, I used the grill pan bars over a baking tray, with some baking parchment in the bottom, to catch any drips as the yoghurt is hard to scrap off and wash.  The quorn I put them on parchment paper on top of a pizza tray. For my own quorn I made it with alpro yoghurt and the curry paste and repeated, (I cant eat dairy, no its not a fad, I have never been able to eat dairy).

It was a pleasant evening.  I was given compliments on my 'adventurous food'.  Next time I am going to feed them something truly exotic!  I need ideas lol


Raybeard said...

That's a real technicolour feast there, Sol. Don't they say that the more colours it shows the healthier it (usually) is? The sight you present here makes me want to tuck into it straight away.
I'm a quorn-lover, I'm afraid. I do love its sausages.
If you'd said before that you were dairy-intolerant I must have forgotten. Must be a trial for you or maybe you're accustomed to living with it. I'm at the other end of the spectrum, always eaten a lot of dairy but have been promising myself to go vegan for, literally, decades - though not sure how to do it with ease and with very little added expense - but I'd sorely miss my (free-range, naturally) eggs like nothing else! Eggs have been, along with bread, the staple solid food of mine for my entire life! If I do go vegan I'd better do it now or never as next month I move into a new decade of my life - and, who knows, it may well be my final one!

Sol said...

Hi ya Ray. We eat a lot of veg. My parents spent many a day or week in hospital with me as it not only upsets my stomach but also makes me swell up. although one doctor thought it was the coagulant used to make the cheese firm. As cheese makes me swell, where yoghurt and milk just cause digestive problems... I also couldnt eat junket. My sister said it was like something out of the Exorcist when it happened. My tongue and lips swell and it makes it hard to breath. No point in trying to eat any of it. What you dont have you dont miss, as you said. My Sister and Brother eat lots of cheese and dairy no problem. One of my Great Nieces is exactly like me with eggs and dairy.

We also eat quite a few eggs, so I am not quite vegan. My In-Laws think you could die if you dont eat some meat everyday! lol lots of "I dont think a meal is complete unless it has meat in it".

And you are right, soya or almond milk are expensive. Although I have found a coconut yoghurt that I do like it is in tescos. I will take a picture when I next get some and you can see it.

I also have a vegan recipe for stuffed pasta shells that uses tofu and it tastes really nice and people cant believe that it isnt cheese in the shells.

Hope you are well. And have a nice weekend.

Raybeard said...

Dairy intolerance was something that wasn't recognised when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s (Rather in the same way that dyslexia wasn't. People so suffering were just dismissed as 'stupid'!) Now we acknowledge that such inability to eat and digest dairy is not only very real and problematic for those affected, but it's much more widespread than we ever imagined. Makes one wonder what other non-acknowledged present problems there are which will only be accepted in future years.

Thanks for the thought about coconut yoghurt but, unbelievably, we don't have a town centre Tesco's here in Worthing. There may well be one on the outskirts but I'm not going to travel to do my twice-weekly shopping when all I need is within short walking distance! But I'll check out other stores.

As for needing to eat to preserve life - well, one only has to look at Buddhists to show what a lie that is. They are hardly dropping off the perch prematurely, in fact they seem to live longer than most, if not the longest of anyone.

Btw: I think I've mentioned it before, but did you know that cats are dairy-intolerant? - or, more accurately, lactose intolerant? I didn't until about five years ago. They can't digest so shouldn't be given dairy milk, only the specially prepared stuff easily bought from supermarkets and pet-shops. My threesome all love their special cat-milk.

northsider said...

Your meal looks wonderful and sounds delicious Sol. I didn't know you could make Tandoori quickly. Always thought it had to be marinated over night.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I didnt know that about cats. My parents cat drinks from puddles rather than from her bowl. But when she stayed with my sister, she drank from the bowl and we came to the conclusion it is because my sister has a water filter and softener. Sometimes our water smells very much of chlorine?

The yoghurts - I will look out and see if they sell them anywhere else

Hey Dave, You could leave them over night, I wasnt expecting them I thought they were staying with my BiL. It makes it more creamy than a tandoori you would get in the restaurants. If you butterflied it and bashed it with the rolling pin and then spread the curry paste only over and left it for an hour I would imagine it would give the same effect as a real tandoori.

I said to the In Laws next time I will cook them lamb. I will make that gyros I said about on your blog. I will take pictures and do it step by step.

Tricky Wolf said...

your food looks delicious! thats the one thing I love about us eating mostly plant based meals now is that there is always such a variety of colours and textures in our meals

Sol said...

Hey Wolf. Plant based food is a lot easier than people think. You just have to be a little bit more inventive and lots of spices and herbs really help!

Tracy said...

My daughter loves tandoori chicken and it's so easy, I must make it more often for her. You do make me giggle with your style of writing.
Impromptu relative visits can be stressful and fun, depending which ones turn up in my opinion LOL.
Re the food, looks amazing.

Sol said...

Hey Croods, we seem to have a lot of people who just turn up and always at a meal time. Good thing we have a well stocked pantry and I am very much in the 'take us as you find us'. I include that in people being forced to eat what ever I can russle up.

Chickpea said...

Most weeks I roast up a tray of veg, the more colours the better! I think I will try it with tandoori tofu next time :)

Sol said...

Hi Chickpea, I am sure tofu would have a nicer texture than the quorn. Nothing better than roasted veg to give dinner a bit of pep

Louise Houghton said...

That sounds very yummy.

Sol said...

Hey Louise, roast veg is lovely. Hope you are well