Thursday 3 March 2016


Greetings my Friends

Hope you are all well.  The weather is crazy is it not?  I dont know what is going on, nor does it.  I have asparagus coming up still, the daffodils have been out for ages as have the grape hyacinths and the primroses.

picture from google.

Which brings me around to the Norweigen TV programme I have been watching called Occupied.  Have you watched it?  Scary stuff, but really it could happen.  

To give you a quick 'blurb' about it.  Norway turns off all of the gas and oil production, or wants to.  The EU and Russia rise up against Norway, and Norway is forced to allow Russia to over see the production of oil and gas.  

Following on from this, what may feel like randomness, but it really all the loose change that is rattling around in my head.  Food storage, I am not quite running at full capacity.  And I havent planted enough seeds yet.  All a little at sea at the moment.

I hope you are all well.

Be kind.


John Going Gently said...

Off to google that tv programme

Sol said...

Hey John, it is obviously in Norweigen. But I am finding it compelling stuff

hope you are well

thrift deluxe said...

I have been watching Occupied, it's a must see in this house. I find very easy to watch even though most of the dialogue is not in English, although the scenario is scary.

Sol said...

I am glad someone else thinks it is a scary scenario. I shouldnt really watch tv like this as it worries me. Hope you are well Thrift Deluxe.

Tracy said...

Sounds very interesting. I have always wondered how much we would need and of what, to be truly self sufficient should something catastrophic happen. I am strange like that lol.

Sol said...

Hi there Croods, we did an experiment last year to see how long we could last with small amounts of veggies I could grow having only just moved in. Not saying it was the healthiest diet ever, but it was worth it to see what would happen.

This programme makes you think how vulnerable as a country we really are. How long could we last with out oil or gas. Not long

Lynne said...

Hi Sol, yes weird weather - but I suppose this is what we have to get used to. Possible snow for Easter but we've had such mild and gloriously sunny weather here (Norfolk UK). So many flowers out, daffy and narcissi, grape hyacinths, crocus, primrose and a little dandelion-like flower ( it isn't!) which is so cheerful.

My parsley has lasted since last summer, `I'm still able to cut it in 'real' amounts - i.e., for using, not for garnish! And I pick a few chard and rainbow chard leaves every now and then, but they aren't exactly flourishing. I bought my seed potatoes, they are going into large sacks again this year, but I have three varieties, so excited, they were a success - and I am no gardener!

I have watched several Scandi TV series, but not this one - sounds a weird premise, but there you go! Lxx

Raybeard said...

Hi, Sol. Long time no read. Pleased that all seems to be hunky-dory with you, as is also the case here.

Can't comment on 'Occupied' as never seen it and don't have the facility for ketchup + I'm soundless anyway (though as I'm not conversant in its vernacular tongue then that ability wouldn't be needed).

But as for the weather, just pig sick of it! Yet more Arctic days are now settling upon us, but it does look as though this might be its last hurrah, and for real this time (one can but hope!). Mid-next week it's due to loosen its grip - and damn good riddance to it too.

I've not seen any 'live' daffs this year, those happy-happy blooms, and it looks highly likely that the coming night frosts could nip them all off. Such a shame. It's all the fault of that rascally Jet Stream. If only it would hibernate away to north of Hadrian's Wall - the further away the better.

Asparagus? Mmmmmm Asparagus soup is my fave of all!

Sol said...

Hey Lynn, the flowers are for sure a puzzle and the asparagus I am unsure to pick or not to pick in case i kill it off due to frost.

Hey Ray, great to hear from you. The programme Occupied has been on sky arts. I dont even know how I found out about it. I am now transfixed by it.

I love asparagus. we have a type from Suffolk I think. The name completely escapes me right now. Just drove through a huge amount of snow. Had to pull off the motorway as couldnt see. Ive had enough of the weather now. its getting on my nerves. Came home to a damp streak on the wall in the lounge, more hassle. ho hum

Hope you are both well.

Raybeard said...

All the four of us are exceedingly well, thank you Sol - and at least I've not got the habit of doing a wee on the bathroom floor (except when I 'miss'), as one of my co-habitees has started doing in the last coupla months. Having to put down cut-up plastic rubbish bags (recyclable) and newspapers to soak it up every day, sometimes more often. Oh, tiresome!

Sol said...

Oh Ray, I hope the kitty is ok. I have several scratches from my parents cat. She has become a little bad tempered, she was hiding under the table away from some children. I put my cup down on the table, her paw shot out and gave me some lightning swipes and I have some large scratches. Leads me to believe that one of the kids has upset her. as in the morning she had been sitting very happily on my lap purring like crazy, rolling over and nuzzling my arm. what a quick change. I asked my mum and she said the kids play in the conservatory and block her from the cat flap when playing (not on purpose, she doesnt like going around them) and she thinks she owns the house. Of course she does, she is a cat!