Monday 28 March 2016

You know you live in the country when...

I love this 50 seconds in.

You know you live in the country, when you are talking to your neighbour about what traps they use for mice.  You see, we have mice in our garage that are trying to destroy it.  We have humane traps and they thought it was funny when they kept seeing me walking up the road to the fields with a weird metal box.  The most I have caught in the trap is 5.  

They were laughing and saying I should mark them with something so I could tell if it was the same ones.  Lol

Us standing there, attracted a few of the passerbys who were walking their dogs.  They all had a chuckle.  From what they were all saying they bait their traps with peanut butter, one with butter studded with bird seed and the last one with sweets like fruit pastelles.  

When I told them we are hoping to rehome a cat from a rescue place, the really laughed and asked me if I was trying to keep the mice alive so it could kill them...  I hadnt thought about it that way...  Eek


PioneerPreppy said...

Most of the darn cats around here just look at the mice with mild curiosity, at least after the cats are two years old or so. Not a lot of cats killing mice here but the chickens will run them mice down and devour them :)

Janie Junebug said...

I've found that if you let the mice go, even if it's fifty miles from your house, they'll come back. They are sneaky bastards. I'd keep the cat. Feed him, but not too much. You want kitty on the prowl. Me-ow!


Chickpea said...

We had a mouse problem in our old cottage, I used to tell the kids I was taking the mice on holiday when I released them from the humane traps into surrounding fields.

Sol said...

Hey PP, we have been thinking of getting a cat for a long time. Hopefully it will catch them.

Hu Janie, they told me they come back!

Hi ya Chickpea, I keep taking them on holiday, more of them move in.