Thursday 31 March 2016

House Fittings

Light I saw in a pub in London in Soho.  I think that is what they call and Edison bulb

The roof raising is getting closer.  We have been told by the builder to start buying fittings.  Bathroom, en suite, lighting, tiles.  The list feels endless.  Having watched this be done on commercial scales for swanky corporate buildings and working with the project manager to realise the companies hopes and ideas, you would have thought it would come easy.  The problem is, a spreadsheet doesnt tell you how much light you need, or if it just needs to look good and you will use mostly lamps, instead of a main light so it doesnt really matter how much light it generates as it isnt really going to be turned on.

Modern or classic?

Retro or original, reclaimed?

"Here's the plan, please mark where you want plug sockets".  As I cant tell where we will be able to put the bed, I cant think where the sockets need to go.  "Are you having a central light in the new bedrooms or down lighters?" (I think these are called can lights in USA and Canada...  ?).  I cant even envisage what it is all going to look like.  My spreadsheets are failing me and I never thought I would say that ever.  

I have lost my decorating mojo. 

It has drained out like a glass knocked over and run off.

I cant even look on pintrest as you have to have an account else it cuts you off with a bar across the middle wanting you to log in...

 If you see my mojo, please leave it in the comments.  My brain needs a rest.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Be kind.


Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

It can be daunting having to decide all these things at once.
I suggest have as many sockets as you can afford.
Have you already thought about the look or feel you want to achieve ? We have 'can lights' and I absolutely hate them. It looks like an upside down runway at the airport. Generally I prefer a beautiful ceiling light or chandelier and of course mood lighting by means of table lamps etc.

Anonymous said...

I would like to help but I, too, am clueless. Wishing you well dear chum.

Elaine said...

I do love the light fitting.

I fully understand why you have lost your mojo - there comes a time in any build/renovation when it all seems to be decisions, decisions, decisions - and all about things which no one ever told you to be thinking about. I remember it from when we did this place and we are also facing it with Jasmine Cottage for Jonny and Mingming. Your brain gets tired. Take heart, your mojo will be restored, the sun will shine and suddenly decisions will be made, sources found, and things will move on.

Did you manage to make kedgeree?

lovelygrey said...

It's a different beastie when you are buying odds and sods than decking out big parts of a house. I know. Sure it will turn out fab if the Edison light inspiration is anything to go by. x

Sol said...

Hey Patricia, as they will still be attic/loft rooms with a sloping ceilings I dont know what we can acheive. In the kitchen I am having lots of sockets. even in the larder cupboard, I am thinking that the large shelf can hold my mixer... not sure about that as it may flick mixture all over the contents of the larder... My sisters kitchen also looks like a runway.

We have no central light in the new lounge/sitting room. We have lamps and picture lights for a layered effect. I will be trying to do that in each room. it is more for the look.

Hey Toffeeapple, I know the kind of look I want in the whole house, but I cant put it into words or show anyone. My brain is broken, lol

Thanks Fliss, I am sure it will all fall into place. We didnt make kedgeree when at my sister's house. But this comment has reminded me. Maybe not for breakfast, but we could have it for dinner one night at the weekend! thanks for the inspiration.

Hey there Lovelygrey. my lounge has not gone how I wanted, Posh Boy wanted what he called comfortable, so it is a little more traditional and classic than I wanted. When I have the camera cable I will sort some pictures. the cupboards in there are more shaker country than I wanted but we had to get what we could afford. The rest of the house wont be like that. Until I find exactly what I want, the place where the furniture will finally live will be left empty. Its only the 2 of us, so no rush. I adore that light, I want it for my dining room. There is a shop in Bath called Felix. it has all repurposed objects made into lights and ones off of ships etc. I LOVE IT in there! lol

kymber said...

Sol...i'm so sorry that you are in the "frustrated" stage of this reno...but guess what? i found your mojo, put it in the mail and mailed it "espress post". it cost a pretty penny, too. and your very welcome!

that mojo should arrive in a day or two and then you will be back on track!

sending much love! your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Kymber! Thanks it will be greatly received. We have done lots this weekend, we looked at some bathrooms and sinks with units under. It is all very confusing, prices up to 50% off stamped on lots of things then further down up to 25% off of items not in the sale. so you had no idea if the sink and cupboard I loved was in the sale or not. Then the sales man also said he doesnt know what is on sale and what is not with out looking at the computer. How hard can it be.

yes I will check the post!


kymber said...

hey...and if you feel that, after receiving your mojo that i mailed (and it cost quite a bit i might add!), that you would like to repay me somehow....say an aged bottle of vino, some lovely italian or spanish tiles (at least 100 of them and please be sure that they are hand-made)...or maybe some tickets to an all-inclusive resort in ibiza....well any of those things would show your deep appreciation and gratitude for my not only finding, but mailing back to you, your mojo.

oh bahahahahahahahahah! sometimes i'm too funny even for myself!

you'll get it all figured out, hon. i just know it! sending much love! your friend,

Sol said...

Kymber I would love some spanish or Morrocan tiles in the new bathroom. The most I could go to a the moment might be a bottle of plonk! lol

Hope you are well!