Wednesday 23 March 2016


Everything is going mega fast at the moment.  I will leave you with some bits from the week so far.

On Monday, whilst leaving Waitrose at 8am, I bought a banana for breakfast - if you must know.  There were 2 Policemen and 2 security guards, with an old man.  The old man was drunk as a skunk, he stank to high heaven like he had been dipped in whisky.  The Police were stopping him from getting into his green old range rover.  Old Man "I am jooooost going to Abbeymead, itzzz not that far, I am quite alright".  Putting his box of clinking bottles in the boot.  "Am off to see my Zon in Abbeymead".  Abbeymead is rather a distance from Cheltenham, its the other side of Gloucester.  The Policeman lurched for his keys whilst the other tried to manouvre him away from the vehicle.  

On Tuesday, an older couple in front of me were looking in the window of a gentlemans outfitters (I think that is what they are called, you know, tweed sports coats and cords).  The man says "oh, that is a rather snazzy tie, the one with all the orange".  "tie?  TIE?" his wife replied.  "I dont much like the one you are talking about. I rather like the orange one".  The husband looked at me and rolled his eye.  "you really must wear your hearing aid, when we go out", he bellowed.  "I'd rather not, it doesnt go with any of my clothes and I want people to look at my earrings.  Not that damn thing".

I just want to touch on Brussels, it would be wrong not to.  It all makes me feel very sad.  I wish it would all just stop.

On a brighter note, I would like to wish you all a lovely Easter, be it where ever you are.  And if you dont celebrate, Happy Long Weekend!  Lets hope for some nice weather shall we?  (its forecast as being awful).

Be kind

love Sol xx


lovelygrey said...

Older people seem to remember the days when it was okay to drink-drive. It was only in the year of my birth it became illegal. The statue is beautiful. Where is it? x

kymber said...

Have a wonderful Easter and celebrate the reason for this weekend. i am happy and blessed that i am healing up so well...but still can't "bite" into anything. i would kill for a fried egg sandwich on toast. but that will have to wait until a month from now.

the world is a very strange place these days so i am sending much love your way. your friend,

Anonymous said...

I like the hearing aid story, mine is bright cherry red.

Have a happy long weekend yourself.

Raybeard said...

And a Happy Easter to you too, Sol (I'll take the Happy Long W/E', thanks).

Oh, for a WARM day! Will one never come? Maybe with the clock change tomorrow night the weather will be prodded to wake up, d'you think?

Sol said...

Hi Lovelygrey, the statue is inside 'Merlin's' Castle as we call it. Remember the TV programme Merlin? Well it is the castle from that TV show. You can read about it in my blog post, below. I loved it there. French historical sites are always an amusement as they have mad things like a huge red smeg fridge in the middle of a grand hall fire place (that was in Brittany).

You should go in Klaus.

Kymber, I am now understanding what my Grandparents were on about when they despaired of all the hate in the world. Hope you are healing well.

Hi ya Toffeeapple, I would want different ones with different colours and bling on them. To match my earrings. I dont really see the point in only having just the one! I know they cost a fortune, but still!

Hi Ray, is it raining there? It is tipping it down already. I am hoping for a warm day Saturday! It better start getting warm soon, my kitchen floor is like a green house.