Friday 25 March 2016


picture from here

Heirloom or hybrid?


p.s. I have some heirloom's growing in the kitchen on the floor near the doors, they have yellow leaves, they are not over watered?  What are you thoughts please?


Raybeard said...

Dunno. I'd be needing advice too. I love toms done in any sort of way, but especially just as they are. But I'd be a bit nervous about those green parts and would be inclined to leave for a while to see if they ripen into red.

rusty duck said...

If they're in small pots they may have exhausted the nutrients in the soil. Feed and/or pot up. Do they have enough light?

Dani said...

northsider said...

Hi Sol. It sounds like your tomato plants have either an iron deficiency or they aren't getting enough light. Happy Easter!

Sol said...

Hey Ray, Ive never eaten green tomatoes? I wonder if they are bitter?

Hi Jessica, I have potted them on, but they are still like a light green/yellow colour. I am thinking maybe baby bio?

Hi Dani I will be looking looking at that link thanks!

Hi Dave, it must be the iron thing. as they are in a south facing doorway.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Now do you think Heirlooms are worth it?