Sunday 21 February 2016

Another Hero Gone

This year has been rough, not only with the weather but so many people passing away, family and stars.

You may remember {this post}

{I read} the sad news that he has also passed. 

They dont make them like they used to.


PioneerPreppy said...

487 different types of aircraft. Who knew there were so many carrier type aircraft ever.

Sol said...

Hi ya PP, I think he tested for other countries as well as the UK.

Maybe if our politicians were more like Eric, we would be in a better place. When he spoke on the radio he was both humble and modest. But as we know from his track record he got the job done.

Hope you are well and the weather is treating you kind. We are in high winds again. I hope this is the last storm of the year. the ground needs to dry else crops are going to be awful

Tom Stephenson said...

He also rode a 'Wall of Death' motorcycle for a fairground - with a lion in the sidecar!

Sol said...

Hi Tom, wow, what an amazing life he lead. Hope you are well

northsider said...

Sounds like he lived ten lives or more. What an hero!

Sol said...

Hey Dave, he sounds amazing.