Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day

I dont really remember life before Posh Boy.  We have been together longer than I was single.  We were just babies, late teens.  A little silly maybe, but against all odds over 20 years later, we are still together.

Commitment every day, dedication to the others thoughts and feelings and buckets of compromise.  BAE.

We wont be buying anything, I dont need the date to prompt me.

Where ever you are, Happy Valentines day, from me x


rusty duck said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sol. Wise words.

Sol said...

Hey Jessica, I hope the weather is treating you well down there. 4 oC here today.

Happy valentines day.

Raybeard said...

Thank you, Sol - even though the day means total zero to me in practical terms. However, aware that your thoughts are in the right place, allow me to reciprocate your wishes to you and yours. Have a 'lovesome' day!

Sol said...

/Hey Ray, has the day been treating you well It has been dry here but cold. I hope you have also had blue skies. Much needed for what feels like months on end of wind and rain.

Happy Valentines day to you and the kitty cats. Give them a squeeze from me. Sol xxx

Elaine said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Sol. Enjoy the rest of your day.

kymber said...

huh. i thought i would leave you a pile of words full of wisdom and love. turns out - you guys don't need it. so - i will not say "happy love day" to you. you don't need it. you live it everyday. strong and true love is getting through the icky stuff, the boring stuff...and the hard stuff. the love stuff is easy.

and somehow you guys have gotten through it all! including that bathrooom - bahahahahahh! i still wish you had have left the bathroom as you got it! that bathroom was something else! happy normal day in the middle of winter to your whole family!

sending lots of love buddy! to all of you! your friend,

Sol said...

Hey Fliss, I hope you have also had nicer weather. Happy Valentines day!

Hi ya Kymber, everything in life takes work if it is worth it. The bathroom was something else, I am not sure if it was the Hell Mouth from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or if you pushed a tile and you would end up in Hugh Hefs house, via an underground tunnel.

Hope you and Jam are having a nice time today. Not too much work and not too much snow.

Lynne said...

Sol you said it all! We were just kids when we married - against advice, against the odds - and we are still here 45 years later! So carry on regardless, I say! Some years we remember Valentines Day, some years one of us remembers and the other one forgets. This year we both forgot! We don't care! Congratualtions on your lovely anniversary! Lxx

Sol said...

Hey Lynne, thanks good for you as well.

Good to see you/ Hope you are well.